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OUCH: Female Antifa Hippie Charges Trump Supporters At Berkeley, INSTANTLY Regrets It

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Over the weekend in Berkeley, California, anti and pro-Trump forces clashed in the streets as so-called “Anti-Fascist” thugs attacked the peaceful demonstrators, and one female hippie got more than she bargained for.

Video shows the dreadlocked woman(?) charging a group of demonstrators looking for a fight, and a fight she received. Well actually, a fight involves two people physically assaulting one another, which didn’t happen here.

In fact, as the unidentified hippie was charging the crowd looking for someone to hit, an alleged “white supremacist” came out of nowhere and neutralized the threat…and it was a sight to see.

At around to 30-second mark, you can see it go down:

That’s going to leave a mark. But then again, what did she expect?

You can’t be a part of inciting political violence and not expect negative consequences.

However, that hasn’t stopped many on the left from accusing the man in the video, who’s been identified as Nathan Damigo from a group called Identity Evopa, which is accused of being “white supremacists” by the Southern Poverty Law Center – the epitome of objective analysis (sarcasm). According to Downtrend, liberals are now demanding that Damigo be arrested for assault after “sucker punching” an innocent woman.

But there’s just one problem; Damigo didn’t sucker punch anybody, much less some “innocent” woman minding her own business. As you could see in the video, she was right in the mix of things looking to start sh-t by grabbing Domigo by the throat, so she was perceived as a threat and then handled as such.

You can’t go picking a fight and then cry victim when you find one.

The liberal website Law Newz reached out to Identity Evopa for comment on the “sucker punch,” and their response pretty much said it all:

  1. a) It wasn’t a “sucker punch” — she was in the midst of the fight, facing him.

  2. b) In a since-deleted Facebook post, she claimed that she was headed to the event to collect “Nazi scalps”. So, in her own words, she was there to participate in political violence.

Good luck with your journalism career. Perhaps you’ll begin covering real issues at some point, like why hordes of people clad in all black have been consistently using violence to shut down free speech.

All the best,

Reinhard Wolff

Now, we can all agree that a man shouldn’t ever hit an innocent woman, but that’s just the thing, an innocent woman wouldn’t be in the middle of a hate mob inciting violence against people over their political beliefs, especially after proclaiming she wanted to scalp Nazis just hours before. So to say this hippie chick was sucker punched isn’t even intellectually honest; it’s a bald-faced lie.

But that’s what these Antifa cowards do; attack innocent people then cry victim when the people fight back. In this case, I would say that hippie got exactly what was coming to her.

Maybe next time she should find a different way to express her feelings.



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