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OUCH: Obama Loyalists Get MAJOR Reality Check As Boss Moves To Vacate White House

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For eight years, loyalists to Barack Obama have had comfort in knowing they had job security in a town that was run by mostly Democrats, but things have changed quite a bit after the last election.

Republicans swept the elections and retained both the House and the Senate, plus they now have the White House. As a result, thousands of young, liberal snowflakes are now faced with the harsh reality that the only reason they had a job is because of loyalty to their party.

The problem for them is that their party has been reduced to only representing a few coastal states and the worst-run cities in the country, so they’re having quite an issue finding other work.

More from the Daily Caller:

Thousands of Obama loyalists are struggling to find work in a city now dominated by the GOP, according to a report from Politico. “It feels like there are just thousands of us trying to find a job, and there are no jobs,” Mira Patel, a longtime Clinton aide told Politico.

Democratic operatives and Obama staffers no longer have the more than 4,000 presidential appointed jobs to transition to after President-elect Trump takes office.

Politico describes how a generation of young operatives from the Hillary Clinton campaign and failed down-ballot races are still managing their “shock and grief” from Clinton’s loss.

“Clients are all pivoting, and they’re all frankly trying to figure it out just like we all are right now,” Julian Ha, a partner at the executive search firm Heidrick and Struggles, told Politico.

The report describes an anxious environment, where Clinton campaign staff struggle to talk about their work to potential employers. Some Clinton campaign staff are so rattled, that they have lost their bearings, according to Politico.

The term “full circle” seems to apply in this instance. For years they supported the job-killing policies of the Obama administration, and now they’re joining the ranks of Americans who were all affected by them.

Karma sucks, huh?

Welcome to the real world, snowflakes.



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