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OUCH: Valerie Jarrett UNLOADS On A U.S. Marine, INSTANTLY Regrets It

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Barack Obama and his administration weren’t too kind to our soldiers, and for eight long years he and his top advisers disrespected the brave men and women who served out nation.

Even today, over six months after President Trump assumed his position in the Oval Office, the miscreants from the previous administration can’t seem to get it right when it comes to our troops. Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s puppet master, tweeted out support for an ACLU operative while thanking them “for your service to our country,” and a U.S. Marine happened to see her comment.

Suffice it to say, it didn’t end well for Jarrett.

“You never thanked a single service member for their service in eight years. Looking forward to your perp walk,” the Marine commented.

His remarks must have gotten under Jarrett’s skin, and why wouldn’t they? She knows it’s the truth, but she still felt the need to fight back.

Big mistake…

“I thank you for your service since I see you were a marine. Now for the facts. For 8 years I thanked our service members ALL OF THE TIME!”

Stephen Miller from Red State happened to see their exchange, and he lent some truth to the matter by searching Jarrett’s Twitter feed, and guess what?

No mention of thanking our soldiers…ever.


Next time, try to think before you talk, Valerie. The Internet never forgets.



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