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BREAKING: RIGHT After Being Outed By Comey, ‘Leaker’ Makes SHOCK Move… What’s He Hiding??

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During his Senate testimony yesterday, James Comey outed a friend of his as the source for the leak to the New York Times about a memo he wrote about the President, and immediately after the man made an interesting move.

Daniel C. Richman confirmed to the Washington Examiner that he is, in fact, the friend that Comey was referring to. Richman is a professor at Columbia, and the Times described him as a “longtime confidant and friend” of the former director.”

Additionally, his Columbia bio reads that he’s an “adviser” to former “FBI Director James B. Comey.”

In other words, there’s little question over whether or not he’s the guy; he is.

Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee that he gave a friend a memo documenting a privileged conversation he had with President Trump after the President tweeted that Comey had best be careful in case their conversations were recorded. He also said that he did so, in part, hoping it would prompt a special counsel to be appointed for the Russia investigation.

However, President Trump’s attorney called out Comey on a major lie immediately after the testimony concluded – the Times had published details of the memo the day before the President sent out his tweet, which suggests the leak was an act of retribution rather than an act of defense, as Comey had claimed.

With that in mind, one has to wonder why it is that Richman immediately went into hiding once he was outed as the source of the leak.

From the New York Post:

A Columbia University professor from Brooklyn went into hiding Thursday after pal James Comey revealed during his Senate testimony that the man leaked memos detailing the former FBI chief’s conversations with President Trump to the press.

But Richman had vanished from his Henry Street digs by midday, and family members, friends and neighbors wouldn’t answer doors or phone calls to shed any more light.

A doorman eventually turned security guard to stop reporters entering the building.

Richman’s wife, Alexandra Bowie, is a former president of the influential neighborhood civic group the Brooklyn Heights Association. Its director, Peter Bray, declined to speak about the man who had suddenly usurped Lena Dunham as the nabe’s most famous inhabitant.

Interesting, to say the least, considering that going into hiding almost seems as if it’s an admission of guilt. After all, if you don’t have anything to hide, why would you disappear to hide it?



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