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OUTRAGE: Obama’s Activist Judges IGNORING SCOTUS Ruling On Trump’s Immigration Powers

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Last week, the Supreme Court made it clear that the President of the United States, regardless of who it is, has broad authority when it comes to immigration, but Barack Obama’s activist judges on the lower courts don’t seem to care.

SCOTUS unanimously lifted most of the blocks placed on the President’s travel ban by, you guessed it, Obama-appointed judges, after it decided that the statutory law granting the President such authority actually means something. However, the activists on the lower courts are still pushing back, and since they can’t block the President’s travel ban any longer, they’re going after every other aspect of immigration President Trump is trying to change.

These people are seriously out of control now. They’re usurping the will of the people by undermining the duly elected President, which is incredibly dangerous for our Republic.

We didn’t vote for these judges to step in and override our wishes, but they’re doing it anyway.

From the Washington Times:

President Trump may have won a partial victory at the Supreme Court this week, but other federal judges remain major stumbling blocks to his aggressive immigration plans, with courts from California to Michigan and Atlanta limiting his crackdown on sanctuary cities and stopping him from deporting illegal immigrants he has targeted for removal.

The judges in those deportation cases have rejected Mr. Trump’s argument that he has wide latitude to decide who gets kicked out, without having to worry about district courts second-guessing him on facts of the case.

Instead, the judges said, they get to decide their jurisdiction, and that extends to reviewing Mr. Trump’s immigration policy.

Notably, all four of the judges — including one in San Francisco who blocked part of Mr. Trump’s executive order against sanctuary cities — were appointed to the bench by President Obama.

“Almost all of the judges are acting outside of established law,” said Hans von Spakovsky, a senior legal fellow at The Heritage Foundation who served as a Justice Department lawyer in the Bush administration.

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The examples noted by the Times include an Atlanta judge forcing the reinstatement of amnesty provided via the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) despite the fact the defendant’s crimes made her ineligible for such protections and a Michigan judge forcing Homeland Security to halt deportation plans for about 200 Iraqi Christians arrested over several months, all of whom committed crimes. The on Tuesday, a California judge ordered Border Patrol to treat kids caught sneaking across the border better, which includes providing tooth brushes, soap, access to showers, toothpaste and other items.

In other words, the Obama-appointed judges are upset at the Supreme Court’s ruling, so they’re revolting by defying the President, and the law, whenever these cases make it into their courtrooms.

This isn’t jurisprudence, folks, this is straight up anarchy from the courts, and it needs to be stopped immediately.



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