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OUTRAGE After People Notice Something MAJOR Missing From Cadbury Eggs

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In the weeks leading up to the most important holiday for over two-billion people around the globe, people became outraged at manufacturer of Cadbury Eggs after noticing something major missing from them.

Apparently, the company is going the route of political correctness and has decided to scrub the most important word on their packaging for the eggs – Easter. Their “Easter Egg Trail Pack” has been renamed to simply the “Egg Hunt Pack,” and people aren’t happy about it at all.

“It is a vanishing act worthy of the Easter bunny himself and just as mysterious,” noted John Bingham, religious affairs editor of The Telegraph. “Easter — the most important Christian festival of the year, celebrated by well over two billion people around the world — appears to be quietly disappearing: at least when it comes to eggs.”

While it’s merely removing a word from a box of candy, it appears as if the company is going along with the cultural Marxism we’ve seen with other major Christian holidays, such as Christmas. Although the company is vehemently denying doing so.

“Most of our Easter eggs don’t say Easter or egg on the front as we don’t feel the need to tell people this – it is very obvious through the packaging that it is an Easter egg,” said a company spokesperson.

Just like it’s obvious that heavily decorated trees inside buildings in December are Christmas trees, but people now call them “Holiday Trees,” right? Seems like this is merely a step in scrubbing yet another Judeo-Christian holiday from the public sphere, and the CEO of the Christian-owned Meaningful Chocolate Company agrees.

“It’s deeply disappointing and shameful that some of the biggest companies (they include Cadbury and Nestle) are censoring the countries’ old tradition,” said David Marshall, who isn’t shy about the religious nature of his company’s products. “It shows they’re insensitive and uncomfortable with the Christian faith.”

“More than 80 million chocolate Easter eggs are sold very year in the U.K., but over the past five years some manufacturers have either removed the word ‘Easter’ from their boxes, calling them just chocolate eggs, or reduced the word in size and put it on the back of the box,” he said.




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