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OUTRAGE After People See Illegal ‘Gift’ SHAMELESS Democrats Put In Refugee ‘Welcome’ Baskets

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Democrats have proven time and time again that they couldn’t care less about our laws, and the latest move from the chair of the Nebraska Democrat Party is just more proof of it.

Jane Kleeb released a video explaining how her party goes about welcoming refugees after President Trump tried enacting a “racist” travel ban, and it appears as if she intends on illegally using the migrants to unseat the president in 2020.

“Nebraska has, and welcomes the most refugees and immigrants on a per-capita basis,” said Kleeb in the video posted to YouTube.

“When [President Trump] put in his racist travel ban we put out a call to action to Democrats across the state saying ‘help us create welcome baskets for refugee and immigrant families who are making Nebraska their home,’” she said.

Kleeb went on to describe the contents in the baskets, which included a personalized note from the families who donated them, some basic necessities, and of course, pro-Democrat propaganda…but that’s not the worst part.

“We made sure that we had individuals write a little note to the families, and then inside each basket there’s also a letter from the Nebraska Democratic Party welcoming the family to Nebraska,” she said.

“It’s signed by me as chair of the party, and then we include a sticker in here for them to put on their car,” Kleeb added.

She then let slip that her party is using the baskets to subvert our voter laws and encourage refugees to participate in our elections by registering to vote.

No, seriously.

“It also includes a voter registration form,” she said.

Check out the full video below:

Nice, eh? So much for free and fair elections.

When Conservative Review saw the video, they immediately confronted her over the voter registration forms being included in the baskets. Of course, her excuse was weak…at best.

“It is not illegal to be handing out voter registration forms so folks start to get familiar with the forms,” she said. “Once they become citizens, it is our hope, like back in the day you would hear these stories of the Democrats in Ellis Island welcoming the Irish with food and a voter registration form, so it’s really that same concept.”

Except that it’s not, and she’s being extremely dishonest with the refugees by omitting a rather important fact in the letter she includes with the voter registration forms – it’s a Class IV felony in Nebraska to make false statements on such forms.

“Can I just be very clear that on the voter registration form it says that you have to be a U.S. citizen, so I don’t think that I said that in the letter, but on the voter registration form it talks about that,” Kleeb said.

In other words, she declined to inform them in hopes they overlook it on the forms and register to vote anyway.

This is why the Democrats vehemently oppose any attempts to implement voter ID – they’d lose a large portion of their voting bloc because illegals, non-citizens, and others who overwhelmingly support Democrats but are ineligible to vote wouldn’t be able to cast ballots.



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