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OUTRAGED British Reporter BLASTS Liberal Hypocrites: ‘We CHOSE To Let The Jihadi IN! We Chose To…’

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Tensions are high in Great Britain after a homicide bomber killed 22 people in Manchester, and one British journalist has had enough of the left’s hypocrisy.

Katie Hopkins is often dubbed “the British Ann Coulter” for her fiery rhetoric and blunt assessments of issues, and she definitely earned that nickname after an op-ed she wrote blasting leftist politicians for willingly allowing mass murderers into their country. While she usually decries Islamic savagery, this time around she was set off by a British politician stating that it’s “business as usual” in Manchester following the horrific attack.

Bad idea.

“I want to scream at him. Business as usual?” wrote Hopkins in a Daily Mail op-ed.

Tell that to the mother of 16-year-old Georgina Callander. Someone slaughtered her most special thing, the tiny baby she carried, birthed, equipped with all the things she could protect her from the world with, smiling at her loveliness as she became a young woman.

And you say it is business as usual? The dead never get to carry on as normal.

Hopkins didn’t stop there either. She then went on to decry the “new Lord’s Prayer of a terrorized generation” recited after every preventable terror attack, in which politicians speak of the resolve of the people rather than actions that can be taken to eradicate the cancer of radical Islam from our societies.

“We stand united. We are not broken. We are strong,” she wrote, mocking the rhetoric that follows terror attacks. “Repeated like a mantra.”

She then compared society to ants “waiting for the next footstep to drop.”

And today I see this to be true. Ants, squashed by a car, hewn in half by a truck, bounced off the bonnet of a 4×4, punctured by ballbearings and shrapnel from a hardware store.

And the only thing we ants can do is act busy. Whip ourselves up into a frenzy of activity. Move this way and that. Scurry about carrying things. Film ourselves walking to work. Make posters about ‘having a cup of tea’, get cross about what is said on twitter.

Hopkins then blasted Manchester’s mayor, Andy Burnham, for using the heroic actions of witnesses after an attack as proof that we’re standing up to terrorism.

Do not use these acts of kindness to support your false narrative that this is us standing up to terror.

The people helping are reacting instinctively. Battling against blood and death.

They are not standing up to terror. They are not showing we are strong. They are trying to scoop up the handfuls of flesh that is weak and stop it bleeding.

They are being decent humans. They should be applauded. Rewarded. Not manipulated by impotent politicians into standing as a perverse symbol of how terror will never beat us.

Hopkins also said that “carrying on as normal” is not a defense or strength, it’s what people are forced to do because their leaders won’t protect them.

When the only option is to carry on as normal, what the hell else are we going to do?

Carrying on as normal is not defiance. Or strength. It is the default.

When someone dies in our family, we carry on as before because the alternative is to lie down under our duvet and hope the world goes away.

And sometimes we even try that for a bit, too.

But in the end, reluctantly, we default and carry on as normal. This does not make us strong. Or united. It makes us desperate to feel better.

Hopkins was still outraged Wednesday morning when appearing on Fox & Friends, and she again let hypocritical politicians have it.

From BizPac Review:

“We’re making choices in this country,” she said. “We chose to let the jihadi back in and we chose, therefore, for our little girls to be slaughtered.

“We chose to respect the human rights of jihadis, 3,000 of whom are roaming those streets because there human rights matter more, we’re defending that over our small babies.”

She said the West is losing the war to the Islamic State and are in denial about it.

“If this is them losing, we really don’t want to see them winning,” she said.

“We’re tired of buying into the narrative that we’re strong and the jihadis are weak,” she said. “We’ve been knocked down, we’ve been trampled on, and I think the general population is fed up with being treated so awfully, seeing our little ones slaughtered, just to look after the rights if these terrorists that want to kill us.”

Truer words have never been spoken. Thankfully, after eight years of impotence from America, we have a real leader who’s taking the fight to the terrorists, and he won’t relent until they’re annihilated from earth.

Let’s just hope other world leaders follow suit.



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