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OUTRAGEOUS: The DAMNING Truth About O’Reilly’s Firing Finally Comes Out, Americans SPEECHLESS

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Conservatives across the nation were shocked to learn that Fox News had dropped its top personality, Bill O’Reilly, amid mere allegations of him making inappropriate comments, and the actual truth behind the ordeal has Americans stunned.

Many people have speculated that O’Reilly was the target of a carefully crafted campaign to get him removed from the network, and when all aspects leading up to his termination are considered that appears to be the case. But one major factor in it all apparently came from the wives of Rupert Murdoch’s sons, who are hard core progressives and one of whom actually works with the Clinton Foundation.

These are the people taking over the Murdoch Empire…

From the New York Daily News [emphasis mine]:

Sarah and Kathryn Murdoch — the wives of the ousted talk show host’s young bosses — are at least partially responsible for his humiliating exit from Fox News Wednesday.

Sarah, 44, is a progressive-minded, British-born Australian model, former host of “Australia’s Next Top Model” — and wife of Lachlan Murdoch, co-chairman of Fox News Channel parent, 21st Century Fox. She was also instrumental in convincing her husband to boot the controversial O’Reilly, company sources told MediaBlast. “These woman have unique access and complete trust (of Lachlan and James),” a Fox News executive said.

They’re very progressive and the O’Reilly situation has infuriated them.”

So the wives of them men taking over the only conservative network out there are far-left progressives. Lovely. As Rush Limbaugh has noted many times in the past, people like that devote their entire lives to activism, so why would we believe they didn’t have ulterior motives in pushing for O’Reilly to be gone?

It gets better, or worse, depending on how you look at it. Kathryn Murdoch has a direct connection to someone we all wish would just go away forever.

Politico reports [emphasis mine]:

I thought I’d begin this thing on comfortable terrain, with a small advance on a reportorial obsession of mine: Rupert Murdoch’s relationship with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Here’s how close they’ve grown: Murdoch’s daughter-in-law, Kathryn (center, above), is currently employed by none other than the Clinton Foundation (!), working with old-time Clintonite Ira Magaziner (!!) on climate change issues (!!!). Kathryn Murdoch is married to the London-based James Murdoch, who’s now the heir apparent to the family empire; she’s described in print as a model and marketing executive.

Is there any question as to which direction Fox is headed after this?




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