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Parents IRATE Learning Girls Forced To Submit To THIS Part Of Islam… At School

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Parents in Upstate New York are none too happy recently after flipping on the news and making an utterly enraging discovery. Apparently, their little girls were forced to submit to Islam, and it was done at school behind their backs.

While the left loves to tout multiculturalism and force Islam down the collective throats of America, these parents aren’t having any of it, and they really don’t want their children being subjected to the religion of oppression. But that’s exactly what happened at the World School of Inquiry in Rochester last week, where administrators tried to pull a fast one by celebrating Islam without the knowledge of the parents.

EAG News reports that without prior consent, the school held a “World Hijab Day” last Friday for non-Muslim students, which was designed to “enlighten” students about the religious purposes of the garments, despite being a worldwide symbol of oppression. Now do you see why parents aren’t happy? Apparently educators aren’t either.

Parents IRATE Learning Girls Forced To Submit To THIS Part Of Islam… At School
Image credit: EAG News)

The website that reported the event was flooded with angry feedback from teachers and parents alike, and it wasn’t until after the outrage that the school even acknowledged the event happened.

“As a high school teacher for over 30 years, let me say that this is wrong on so many levels,” Jim Farnholz wrote. “All religions are taught in our global studies classes. That being said, that is where understanding, tolerance and the good and bad of religion and history are taught.”

“This, however, is a clear violation of separation of church and state,” he added.

“How disgusting and irresponsible for any educator to encourage a child to wear a symbol of oppression, whether it be religious or cultural,” parent Rebecca Sluman wrote.

More on the controversial event from EAG:

WHEC reports teachers brought in about 150 scarves in on Friday and wrapped up volunteers before the first bell. The school set up tables in the cafeteria, where girls tried on a hijab and boys were given carnations for support, according to WHEC, which described the event as “student run.”

“We wanted them to experience it and feel how we feel,” Muthana, originally of Yemen, told the site. “I just feel proud that I’m sharing my culture.”

“I love that we’re having the open conversation. I think that’s the first step into making it a more open and tolerant environment. I think this is the perfect school for it,” English-as-a-Second-Language teacher Kelly Lalonde told WHAM.

A district spokesman told the site officials consulted with an attorney about the World Hijab Day event, and were advised that “there would be more of a legal issue if the school said no to the event” than to hold lessons on the Muslim scarf.

Sadly, even the school board president was on board with the idea. Van Henri stopped into the event on Friday, and said that he didn’t see anything wrong with what was happening.

“She’s not trying to make anybody else anything other than who they are,” White said of sophomore Eman Muthana, who helped organize the event, “but she wants people to accept who she is.”

People can accept who she is without having to submit to her oppressive religion. Besides, as one parent noted, is there such a day for other religions, or is the school only planning on pandering to Muslims?

“What lesson will they wear a Yarmulke in? Or the Christian cross? Or the Hindu turban?” Dan Lane posted. “Funny how it always seems to be the Muslims they learn about, even in Common Core.”

Indeed it is. Plus, as Rick Bently pointed out, students are now forbidden from patriotic displays out of fear someone will be offended, but something like this is allowed?

“Don’t you kids dare wear a shirt with the American flag on it, someone WILL be offended,” Bentley wrote.



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