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Paul Ryan Has PRICELESS Reaction As Joe Biden SHUTS DOWN Maxine Waters During Vote Cert.

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In a last-ditch effort, House Democrats attempted to stop the certification of the Electoral College’s results for president but were quickly shot down by Joe Biden, and Paul Ryan’s reaction encompassed what many Americans have been thinking about sore loser Democrats.

The re-elected Speaker of the House sat behind Biden during Friday’s joint session of Congress, and he couldn’t contain himself as he watched the Vice President told his fellow Democrats to sit down and shut up.

“Mr. President, I object on behalf of the millions of Americans, including members of the intelligence committee,” Rep. Barbara Lee said before being cut off by Biden and receiving immense boos.

“There is no debate. Debate is prohibited,” he said. “Objection cannot be received.”

Ryan was smiling as Democrats protested, but his best reaction came when Maxine Waters attempted to grandstand in front of her colleagues and Biden shut her the hell up.

“Mr. President, I object to the votes from the state of Wisconsin, which should not be legally certified,” Shelia Jackson Lee said.

“Please come to order,” an annoyed Biden retorted.

When Jackson Lee tried mentioning the Russian hacking conspiracy, Biden again shut her up. But when Waters stood and asked “is there one United States Senator who would join me in the letter” that would contest Trump’s votes, Ryan burst out in laughter even though you could tell he was trying to contain himself.


And that’s exactly how the rest of us feel…



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