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The People Supporting AntiFa’s ‘Counter-Protests’ Are Missing A TERRIFYING Detail

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The above picture is of AntiFa. Those are nails in the end of their boards. The nails are used to stab both police horses and anyone with whom they disagree, not just the “racists” and “fascists” they claim to be against.

One only needs to look as far as Berkeley to see their true colors. An honest assessment of their past actions, before Charlottesville, would lead any objective observer to the conclusion these people are simply intolerant of divergent views and use “racism” as a cloak to justify their intolerance.

These are also the people that the liberal media praised as righteous crusaders last weekend in Charlottesville as well as yesterday in Boston, and who are called “peaceful” by everyone on the left.

I’m sorry, but “peaceful” people with a “righteous” cause don’t require face coverings and weapons of war. Their actions are far more offensive to me than those of racists; racists use words, these rejects use weapons and violence, yet the alleged racists are treated as if they’re a larger threat to our nation than the fascist left silencing any and all views with which they disagree.

They’re not. Nobody agrees with racists; however, AntiFa is labeling anyone in opposition to them as racists, then trying to use actual force to make people agree with their demented worldviews.

These people amount to the Brown Shirts of the Nazi-era called the Sturmabteilung. They use violence, threats, and intimidation to change the political landscape in our nation, effectively making them terrorists by definition, just like their Democrat predecessors in the KKK.

The People Supporting AntiFa’s ‘Counter-Protests’ Are Missing A TERRIFYING Detail

But despite the fact they’re terrorists, they’re still heralded as freedom fighters and allowed to operate with impunity, all because the left has made racism a mortal sin while excusing actual acts of bigotry and intolerance from their own.

The People Supporting AntiFa’s ‘Counter-Protests’ Are Missing A TERRIFYING Detail

Intolerant words are now worse than violent and intolerant actions in the age of leftist identity politics.

Let that sink in for a minute, then ask yourself which you believe is actually worse for our nation; those saying uncomfortable things or those committing acts of violence in the name of their beliefs.

We, as a nation, need to be honest about who these people are and what their true intent is, lest others become empowered to claim moral authority and commit acts of violence to further their cause.

This is America. We don’t tolerate political violence from anybody, even if they do claim to be standing atop the moral high ground.

It’s time for everyone supporting these fascist radicals to realize it and stop enabling the very political violence they claim to oppose.



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