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People CAN’T Stop Talking About What ‘Young’ Woman Did Behind Clinton’s Back [Video]

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On Monday night, Hillary Clinton broke a two-year moratorium appearing on the Fox News network to attend a town hall meeting and discuss her plans for the country, or lack thereof. While her tired ideas and stale talking points haven’t gotten too much attention, people can’t stop talking about what one of her “young” voters did behind Clinton’s back.

Clinton was asked about the enthusiasm gap between herself and Bernie Sanders, especially among young voters, who just can’t seem to get excited about voting for Hillary and her ovaries. As she spouted off some nonsensical B.S., a young women seen behind her was clearly disgusted by what she was hearing.

Check it out:

“I am going to continue to attract young people,” claimed the Hildebeast. “I’m proud of those who are supporting me.”

Clinton then went full Pander Bear on the audience, and insulted their intelligence by stating that she actually cares about someone other than herself and her own ambitions. But the girl wasn’t having it.

“And I tell young people all the time, ‘You may not be for me now, but I am for you regardless…” Right then, the audience member gets a disgusted look on her face and starts shaking her head, indicating that she’s able to see right through the transparent candidate.

The woman’s response is indicative of how young voters across the country seem to feel about Clinton. In state after state, Sanders has dominated the former Secretary of State with double digit leads among voters under 30.

It’s unclear whether or not Clinton will ultimately be able to win over the hearts and minds of young liberals across the country. However, if the current polling is any indication of what’s to come, it’s likely that left-leaning voters will either stay home on Election Day, or vote for someone else entirely, should Clinton end up winning the nomination.

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