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People LOSING It Over What Was Found On Broncos Player’s Wrist After Game

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Super Bowl 50 turned out to be quite the game after the Denver Broncos fought hard for an upset win over the Carolina Panthers, and while there’s been plenty of controversy over the halftime show, what was found on a player’s wrist after the game is making news of its own.

Thankfully, the NFL still has a large number of players who bring their Christian faith onto the field and act as great ambassadors for our religion, and Broncos’ tight end Virgil Green is one of them. He’s not shy about his belief in God, and he believes that we all must “stand firm” when we come across those who would challenge our faith.

People Utterly LOSING It Over What Was Found On Broncos Player’s Wrist After Game
Virgil Green (Image credit: Virgil Green/Twitter)

According to Charisma News, via the YoungCons:

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Magazine highlighted Green in the “6 Questions” feature for the January/February 2015 issue, which gives fans an inside look at some of their favorite faithful athletes. After the win against the Patriots that secured the Broncos’ spot in the big game, Green tweeted: “All Glory to God!!!! Once again I Love My Squad!!!! #SB50.”

“Being a Christ follower means: Believing that Christ died on the cross for my sins and putting my full trust and faith in Christ through the good and bad times.

I intentionally bring Jesus into my game by: Praying before every game and writing on my right wrist tape ‘Faith’ and ‘Psalm 91.’

One piece of spiritual advice I’d share with kids is: Never be embarrassed of your faith. People will try to make it seem like being a Christ follower is weird. Like Ephesians 6:10-18 says, ‘stand firm.’”

Isn’t that cool? It’s great to see players spread the good Word both to fans and teammates, which Green didn’t hesitate to do following his team’s huge win. After the Super Bowl, he tweeted out the following:

Green’s strong belief in God is met with praise as well. On his Twitter feed, there’s numerous examples of people flipping out (in a good way) once they discover he’s an unashamed Christian spreading his faith for the world to see.

Kudos to Green for standing up for what he believes in both on and off the field, especially at a time when it seems like doing so is quite unpopular. His hard work, dedication, and success are all a testament to his faith in God, and he shows through example that with the Lord by your side, anything is possible.

Oh, and for those wondering, here’s an excerpt from Psalms 91:

“If you say, ‘The LORD is my refuge,’ and you make the Most High your dwelling, no harm will overtake you…For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways;”




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