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VIDEO: Phoenix AntiFa Thug Kicks Tear Gas Can BACK At Cops, Gets INSTANT Justice

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Last night, hundreds of AntiFa thugs descended upon Phoenix, Arizona, where President Trump was holding a campaign-style rally, and one of the demonstrators was taught a tough lesson on what happens when you kick tear gas cans back at police.

Chaos apparently unfolded at the close of the rally, when the President’s supporters were leaving the event and the leftist agitators began attacking law enforcement. However, unlike Charlottesville, the police in Phoenix were prepared and willing to keep the peace, and keep the peace they did.

One of the AntiFa thugs wearing a gas mask thought he would be cute and kick back a can of tear gas shot to disburse a crowd. He then made a taunting motion to the police as he walked away, but he didn’t make it too far before an officer with a sense of humor fired either a pepper ball or rubber bullet at him, hitting him square in his manhood.

Check it out:


Apparently, local reporters were left stunned after seeing the man go down, the Daily Mail reported.

In one wince-inducing moment screened on CBS5 and captured on Twitter, one protester – clad in a gas mask – kicked a canister of tear gas back at police.

Seconds later a cloud of dust mushroomed up from his groin and he doubled up in agony.

‘A guy just got shot with a rubber bullet,’ remarked one host, as the other lapsed into a pained silence.

‘So… er… yeah, the officers are not, are not messing around at all,’ the host stuttered as the stricken protester was dragged away by an ally.

Three people in total were arrested on charges related to the unrest, and another was arrested on an unrelated warrant. Overall, police did an excellent job of keeping the peace and preventing AntiFa from destroying their city or harming anybody.

Oddly enough, as many as 8,000 protesters were expected at the event after they RSVP’ed through a Facebook post trying to organize them. However, only between 500 and 600 actually showed up, which the media is blaming on Arizon’s high temperatures yesterday.

Meanwhile, the President spoke to a packed house. According to a Twitter post from him this morning, there were some 15,000 people who braved the 107-degree temps for as long as 10 hours to show their support.

As for the man in the video above?

He probably won’t be kicking many tear gas canisters in the near future, if he’s smart.



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