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Latest Major National Polling Spells HORRIBLE News For Hillary, Cruz Was Wrong

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The latest major national polling isn’t painting a pretty picture for Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton, and it appears as if Sen. Ted Cruz is wrong about his assessment of the election.

The latest Rasmussen polling of likely voters in the general election shows Donald Trump pulling head of Clinton by a 41 percent to 39 percent margin, showing that the GOP front-runner is gaining support on the national level. But that’s not even the worst news for Clinton, who’s seeing her support across party lines plummet while Trump’s is picking up momentum.

Trump is now getting 15 percent of the Democrat vote while Clinton is enjoying a paltry 8 percent of Republicans. The current polling suggests that the number of Republicans willing to vote for Clinton to stop a Trump presidency is dwindling, countering claims by many that he’ll lose by a “landslide” in the general election.

If anything, Trump’s 37 percent to 31 percent lead over Clinton with unaffiliated voters suggests that the billionaire will win in a crushing victory in November after being able to court the coveted crossover voters. Unfortunately, the mainstream media and establishment types rarely discuss Trump’s wide appeal, and instead focus on registered voters when speaking about his probability to win in November, which will likely lead to their predictions being dead wrong.

Moreover, Sen. Cruz has campaigned on being the only one who could beat Clinton in the general. However, as current polling shows, Trump’s likelihood of winning continues to grow, which can probably be attributed to voters’ increasing frustration with party politics and the establishment attacks on outsider candidates.

In other words, party elites continue to attack both Trump and Bernie Sanders at their own peril, since as we’ve been seeing, the harder they push against the will of the people, the harder people push back at the ballot box.



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