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Powerful NRA Instructor Makes BOMBSHELL Announcement After Cruz Blamed Trump For Chicago

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A well-known NRA instructor, journalist, and “nationally recognized 2nd Amendment speaker” caught wind about Ted Cruz playing political games over Friday night’s protests that shut down a Donald Trump event, and she’s none too happy about it. After learning the news, she made a bombshell announcement that’s definitely going to sting.

Ever since Friday, we’ve been hearing stories of people withdrawing their support from Cruz after he chose to support the fascist left rather than stand up for free speech when he laid the blame for Chicago’s violent demonstrations at the feet of Trump. As we reported earlier, police across the country became outraged at Cruz’s disgusting political posturing, and many said there’s no way they can support him as the GOP nominee due to the anti-cop vibe at the protests that Cruz didn’t condemn.

Well, the bad news just keeps coming for Cruz. Jan Morgan is a well-known NRA instructor with a huge following, and she had previously endorsed Cruz for president after agreeing with many of his beliefs.

But that all changed when he became a turncoat to conservatives. Apparently Morgan is upset that Cruz decided to play political games at a time when people are beyond fed up with political games.

Ouch. In a follow-up post on Facebook, Morgan elaborated about her decision, which she made “after a week of issues I have had with Cruz” and the choices he’s been making. Morgan said that Cruz blaming Trump for Chicago was the “most outrageous and desperate thing” she’s seen a candidate do so far in this race, and that she made a “grave mistake” by ever throwing her support behind him.

She predicts that Trump will end up winning the nomination despite the actions put forth by the GOP establishment, their “new boy, Cruz,” and their “old boy, Romney.” Should the GOPe try to hijack the nomination out from under the people, Morgan believes that Trump will run a third-party ticket, “and will still win the general election.”

“Call me enraged tonight,” she concluded. “I can not believe I fell for this act.”

She’s not alone either. Cruz showed his true colors following the incident in Chicago, and it enraged an already upset base.

He had the opportunity to unite conservatives and the country against the vapid actions of unhinged leftists, and instead he chose to smear Trump for circumstances far beyond his control. He had the chance to stand against oppression from leftist thugs, and instead chose to take the coward’s way out by joining the liberal media’s chorus blaming Trump for what the fascist left has been doing for years – silencing their opposition.

Free speech took a massive hit on Friday night, and if Cruz was really a Constitutionalist rather than an opportunist, he would have stood up for the First Amendment and the right to peacefully assemble. But instead, he chose to back the very people that America is outraged with, and in doing so, he may very well have torpedoed his own campaign.



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