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Third Grader Refuses To Remove Trump Hat Despite Pressure From Principal

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A third-grade student proudly wore his Donald Trump hat to school every day as he’s a major fan of the GOP nominee for president. However, one day his principal told him to take the hat off, and the little boy left him stunned with what he did instead.

Logan Autry is a 9-year-old student at Powers-Ginsburg Elementary School in Fresno, California, and he’s a huge fan of the brash billionaire taking America by storm. So each day, he wore his “Make America Great Again” hat to school, reports ABC 11, but apparently it wasn’t drawing the type of attention he wanted.

Principal Tells THIRD Grader To Remove Trump Hat, STUNNED When This Happens Instead

On Thursday, he was approached by the school’s vice principal and told that his hat was causing a safety concern at the school, so he was going to have to remove it. But what the vice principal didn’t know is that little Logan is well versed in politics, and he realizes the First Amendment is the most important one on the Bill of Rights.

“He knows more than I do. He knows more about this election than I know, it’s kind of embarrassing. You know, like are you smarter than a third grader kinda thing. But he is just very adamant about his beliefs and his rights. He wants to be a politician that’s his goal,” said Angela Hoffknecht, Logan’s guardian.

He wore the hat to school for a few days straight, and as more students saw it, they started confronting him at recess. Not backing down to the bullies, Logan continued wearing his hat, but he was finally approached by the vice principal.

“The vice principal came up to me and told me to take my hat off because it brings negative attention from other students. And I said no a few times and then the principal told me again and I still said no and refused,” said Logan.

That’s right, rather than cave to the fascist school administrator, young Logan refused to take off his hat. Unfortunately, he was sent home early for doing so, but his point was made. Now his family is trying to figure out some alternative, but Logan isn’t backing down.

Logan’s passion for politics doesn’t end with Trump. During recess on the playground, he practices political speeches and informs his classmates about the current election.

“I’ve told them his policies on illegal immigration, and our second amendment, and our first amendment and all of our amendments that need to be protected which are not going to be an amendment at all if Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders gets elected,” said Autry.

That’s a smart kid right there. When asked why he’s such a fan of The Donald, Logan said what most other Americans are feeling.

“He doesn’t speak like a politician. He speaks like a normal person. He knows what this country needs.”

Perhaps not all is lost on the future generations after all.



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