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Proud Marine Attends Trump Rally, Days Later Gets SHOCKING Surprise From Boss

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The world is getting madder by the day, and thanks to our ideologue president, even our armed services aren’t immune from the toxic thinking encompassed in political correctness, and such is evidenced by what happened to a proud Marine hopeful a couple of days after attending a Donald Trump rally.

The series of events goes back to a rally for Trump in Louisville, Kentucky, where activists from the #BlackLivesMatter terrorist group disrupted the event and were escorted out. As the protesters were being removed, outraged attendees expressed their frustrations that Trump can’t seem to hold a rally without unhinged leftists interrupting it, and a Marine Corps hopeful happened to be there. News, Weather
Joseph Pryor was seen behind a woman as she was being led out of the event by security, and apparently whatever he was doing was viewed as “racist,” so the Marine Corps quickly took action. A photo of Pryor surfaced, which appears to show him yelling in the same direction of the woman, although what he actually said isn’t exactly known since there’s no audio of the incident – there’s just the picture.

Proud Marine Attends Trump Rally, Days Later Gets SHOCKING Surprise From Boss

According to Wave 3 News, the Marine Corps issued the following statement:

“Joseph Pryor demonstrated poor judgement in the use of social media that associates him with a racially charged altercation at a political rally. Hatred toward any group of individuals is not tolerated in the Marine Corps and is being discharged from our entry program effective yesterday.”

Pryor was enrolled in the Marine Corps Delayed Entry Program, which gets hopeful volunteers ready to be shipped off to boot camp. But thanks to whatever faux-rage resulted from the now-viral video of the event, his hopes have all but been crushed after being branded a racist in an incident where there’s little evidence he did anything other than disagree with the woman disrupting the event.

But again, thanks to Obama and the revamping of our military to accommodate everyone’s feelings, simply disagreeing with someone in a minority class is viewed as racist, and apparently, appropriate action is taken to ensure such disagreements are prevented in the future. It appears as if Pryor is just another victim of political correctness run amok, and his treatment gives much insight into what’s in store for all of us in the future if America keeps electing Democrats into office.

After all, we’re seeing all over the country where so-called “hate speech” from white people gets them persecuted in the court of public opinion, and as we see with Pryor, our government is more than willing to punish such speech with little evidence it even occurred. With that in mind, how long do you think it will be before actual laws are written against it in the name of “public safety?”




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