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HILARIOUS! Vladimir Putin Trolls Obama & Democrats HARD, Says They Need To Learn How To…

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Russian President Vladimir Putin held his annual end-of-year press conference in which he discussed a myriad of topics, and he had some choice words for the petulant left after President-elect Trump’s historic win.

The press conference reportedly lasted for four hours, and Putin didn’t hold back when commenting on how Obama and his Democrat Party have been behaving after the surprise upset that shocked the world. Russia Today reported that the Russian leader said that “the party that is called the Democrats has clearly forgotten the original meaning of that name” and added that “the use of administrative resources (by the Democrats) is absolutely shameless.”

Putin continued, saying that “outstanding figures in American history from the ranks of the Democratic Party would likely be turning in their graves. Roosevelt certainly would be.”

“They (the Democrats) are losing on all fronts and looking elsewhere for things to blame,” Putin said. “In my view this, how shall I say it, degrades their own dignity.”

“You have to know how to lose with dignity,” he added.

Ouch. Although Putin’s blistering takedown didn’t end there.

He said the Democrat Party is “losing on all fronts” in reference to their devastating losses in the House and Senate that allowed Republicans to keep control of both.

“The Democratic Party lost not only the presidential elections, but elections in the Senate and Congress,” Putin said. “Is that also my work?”

“You need to learn how to lose gracefully,” he added, “losers always look for someone to blame, but they should first of all look at themselves.”

The former KGB agent also said that “the most important thing is what was revealed. It’s not like people invented this information – what they reported is true. It showed how the Democratic Party manipulated the system against Bernie Sanders. Instead of apologizing, they began to look for people to blame.”

Indeed they have, with Russia being their favorite scapegoat. Putin remarked that while his nation didn’t have anything to do with Trump’s historic victory, they were the only ones who actually believed he was going to win.

“Right up to the end, nobody believed he would win — except us.”

He also said that it was Trump’s ability to keep his “finger on the pulse of the mood of society” adding that he “went all the way, even though no one believed that he would win, apart from you and me.”

When asked about Trump’s tweet about strengthening U.S. nuclear weapons, Putin said that there’s “nothing unusual here.” In fact, he was surprised by how the media and the Obama administration reacted to Trump’s comments.

“”I was a bit surprised by the statements from some representatives of the current U.S. administration who for some reason started to prove that the U.S. military was the most powerful in the world,” said Putin.

“Nobody is arguing with that,” he added.

Finally, Putin addressed his own growing support among conservative Americans and sees it as a good thing.

I don’t put it down to me, the fact that a large part of Republican voters support the Russian president,” he said. “It means that a large part of the American people have the same idea of how the world should be, of our common dangers and problems.”

[H/T: Zero Hedge]



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