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Queen Of England Just HUMILIATED Obama, Check Out What She REFUSES To Do

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While most of us in America are tired of the worst president in history, it appears as if the same is happening overseas. The Queen of England just humiliated Barack Obama with what she absolutely refuses to do when he goes there next month.

Obama plans to travel to the country so that he can push his globalist agenda on its leaders, but the Queen isn’t a big fan of the idea. She’s warning him not to address Britain’s impending Brexit from the European Union, and she’s standing behind her statements by refusing to travel to London meet him while he’s in the nation.

Yeah, apparently she has larger stones that he does, and she’s not backing down. According to MailOnline, he requested she come back to the nation’s capital for lunch, but she’s instead making him travel to her.

Check it out:

The Queen refuses to come to London to meet President Barack Obama next month.

Instead, accompanied by his security circus, he’ll trundle to Windsor in his bomb-proof, seven-ton limo for lunch.

He’s due to stand alongside the PM and urge Britain to stay in the EU.

‘But he’d be well advised not to give a pro-EU sermon over lunch after the row about the Queen supporting Brexit,’ says my source.

Obama previously ticked off Euroskeptics by supporting the Remain Campaign, saying that Britain’s membership in the EU gave America “much greater confidence about the strength of the transatlantic union,” which sparked a war of words with London’s mayor, Boris Johnson. Johnson rightly accused Obama of “outrageous and exorbitant hypocrisy” since he knows America wouldn’t ever give up our sovereignty to a foreign body, yet Obama expects Britain to do so.

Apparently, Obama thinks he knows what’s best for the entire planet, and he has no problems meddling in the affairs of other nations. But it looks like they’ve had enough of him, which isn’t really a surprise.

After all, he’s the President of the United States, not the Queen of England, so who is he to tell them how to run their nation?



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