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Rabid Liberal REFUSED To Pay Mortgage, Look What He Did To Cops Trying To Evict

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A hardcore liberal and political activist refused to pay the “criminal” bank for the mortgage on his home, and naturally, the bank foreclosed on the property. However, the man wasn’t planning on going anywhere anytime soon, and things didn’t exactly go as planned when police arrived to evict him.

Occupy Denver leader and rapid liberal activist, 58-year-old Martin Wirth, stopped paying for his home back in 2013 after he decided he shouldn’t have to pay “criminal” bankers despite signing a contract to do so. As you would imagine, sheriff’s deputies were eventually called to remove Wirth from the property that he no longer owned, and things quickly went south when they arrived.

According to the Denver Post, Wirth saw the Park County Sheriff’s deputies outside of his home upon seeing them pull up. But what should have been a peaceful process turned out to be the furthest thing from it after Wirth went back into the dwelling and three of the eight deputies followed.

Apparently Wirth, who has quite the criminal history, had a rifle at the ready when he retreated, and when the deputies entered the home, he opened fire. Of course, the deputies returned fire, and when the smoke cleared there lie two men dead – a deputy and Wirth.

Wirth, who was a leader with the Occupy Denver movement and ran for office as a member of the Green Party, had created a video back in 2014 in which he spoke of “illegal” foreclosures and attempted to offer justification for his refusal to pay for the home he purchased.

In this Youtube rant titled “Colorado Foreclosure Resistance Coalition,” Wirth talks about the unfairness of banks and the government.

“Excuse me, but if you`re giving money to criminals and know they are committing crimes you are an accomplice to those crimes,” he said.

Apparently, the unhinged leftist had also filed a rambling federal civil suit against Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper back in 2013 to try to keep the banks away. Ultimately it was unsuccessful, but one brief within the suit claimed that ark County Sheriffs had “invaded (his) home and stole or destroyed his remaining personal effects including family photos, reference books, a custom-made desk, art, and two vehicles.” He added, “Police routinely murder citizens and are rarely held accountable.”

Wirth was also a suspect in a 1994 murder over a chess match, KDVR reported. However, for some reason, the charge never stuck with him, although numerous others have.

KDVR has more:

According to our TV archives, Martin Wirth was arrested by Fort Collins Police in 1994 after shooting his neighbor to death in a drunken argument over a chess match.

His official criminal background check does not show that homicide arrest, but lists several drunk driving convictions – and a restraining order.

FOX31 Denver spoke with the man who took that out: A former drug counselor named Daniel Spykstra who tried to help Wirth back in 2005. “He made numerous very specific threats against me personally – basically he said he wanted to see me dead is what he was saying,” Spykstra said.

Spykstra also said he remembers that Wirth talked about the Fort Collins chess game murder – but never took responsibility for that – or anything else.

Nothing was his fault it was always someone else’s fault which was part of his conspiracy theories. The cops were out to get him. The government was out to get him, so on and so forth.”

Wirth was arrested twice, once in 1996 for driving under the influence and once in 2004 for driving while ability impaired and driving under the influence, according to his criminal record with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

Wirth was found guilty on the 2004 charge and sentenced to 10 days in prison, according to his CBI records.

On Wednesday, Wirth would end up killing Park county Sheriff’s Cpl. Nate Carrigan, who was a 13-year veteran of the force and well-loved within the community. When he wasn’t policing, Carrigan coached high school baseball and football, but sadly, he became the first deputy killed in the line of duty with the department.

Wirth was also killed in the shootout; however, it’s unclear whether or not he was shot by a deputy or turned the gun on himself.

RIP, officer. It’s a damn shame you had to lose your life because an unhinged leftist couldn’t take responsibility for himself, and an even greater shame he was even a free man to be able to commit such an act after his criminal history.

This should be a lesson to all that reduced sentences and light punishments truly do put our communities in danger, since they allow people like Wirth to roam free.

[H/T: Gateway Pundit]



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