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RADICAL Bernie Supporter Gets In HEATED Battle With Cavuto, Watch What Happens [Video]

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A radical Bernie Sanders supporter and organizer for the communist “Million Student March” “movement” appeared on Fox News’ Neil Cavuto on Thursday, and the two traded jabs over her wanting everything for free. She attempted to say that capitalism is “illegitimate,” then sparks started flying.

Darletta Scruggs put her ignorance on display for millions of people to see as she and Cavuto debated whether or not the government should provide free college for everyone, and more importantly, how it’s going to be paid for. Scruggs seems to think that capitalism – the very system that’s allowed her to get her message out to so many people – is “illegitimate” because the government isn’t providing enough free stuff for people, but Cavuto wasn’t having it, and when pressed on the issues, she could only repeat the same talking points without really offering anything substantive.

Shocker, right? Here’s the video, if you can stand to sit through the entire thing:

TheBlaze has more on their exchange:

“We’re spending our money on wars, we’re spending our money on tax breaks for big, wealthy corporations,” Scruggs said. “This system of capitalism has proven itself illegitimate, and it cannot provide basic things like education, shelter [and] health care.”

Scruggs, a supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders called former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “the candidate of Walmart, Wall Street and war.”

Cavuto pressed Scruggs on what her ideal tax rate would be.

Scruggs replied that she wants to see taxes raised for “those who are making billions of dollars” and “Wall Street bankers.”

“Billionaires, not millionaires,” Scruggs said.

Oddly enough, Scruggs left the interview and checked her phone to see what appeared in her Twitter feed before blasting her followers with a tweet saying she schooled a financial expert. From there she got on Facebook to check her messages, then took a selfie and posted it online, all while enjoying subsidized housing and college tuition, thanks to the taxpayers, who are able to pay taxes because of capitalism – the very system responsible for lifting more people out of poverty than anything else.

The only “problem” with capitalism is that it requires effort to succeed, and people like her don’t want to put in the effort, so therefore everything should be handed to them, or so they believe. That’s what’s given the rise to Bernie Sanders, and that’s why this next election is so important – it will give us a chance to turn things around.

But we have to start at the source of the problem, which is the public education system, and Ms. Scruggs is a gleaming example of why we need to reform our schools – they’ve been hijack by radical leftists who indoctrinate our children with this insane socialist B.S.



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