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BREAKING: NYC Bomber HATED One Of The Presidential Candidates, And It Speaks VOLUMES

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In the days following the bombing in New York City, we’re learning more about Ahmad Khan Rahami, the terrorist who set of a pressure cooker bomb in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.

For instance, he apparently traveled to Afghanistan three times in recent years, where authorities believe he became radicalized, and he also had run-ins with the law in the past over violent and aggressive behavior. We’re also now learning that Rahami had a vile hatred for one of the current candidates running for president, and it says a lot.

If you remember, the Orlando terrorist, Omar Mateen, was a registered Democrat and ardent Hillary Clinton supporter. Apparently, leftist ideology and terrorists mix well together, as we just learned from a New York Daily News report that Rahami was a massive hater of Donald Trump.

“The “supernatural”-loving student posted several anti-Donald Trump memes and videos about the plight of Syrian children living with military air strikes,” the report stated.

Rahami was also a deadbeat dad, Fox News is reporting, and he also hated both America and Western culture. Does that sound at all familiar?

It should. The left, including Hillary Clinton, would have us believe that it’s the kind of rhetoric used by Trump about vetting people trying to come to America that inspires people like Rahami to attack; however, that’s not the case at all.

The Islamic State (ISIS) has repeatedly said that it’s our values and our culture they despise, and confessions and manifestos from past terrorists have said the same. An article on Town Hall from Michael Brown summarized it perfectly.

It reads in part:

Second, while Israel is known as the Little Satan in the radical Islamic world, America is called the Great Satan, and not only because of our support for Israel (although that is obviously one of our greatest evils in their eyes). We are seen as the champion of Western decadence, the chief exporter of sexual immorality to the rest of the world. (Tragically, the Muslim world in general sees this as the fruit of Christianity, since America is a perceived as a “Christian nation,” whereas the reality is that we have a great and wonderful Christian heritage but we have largely departed from it.)

In a USA Today interview in 1997, Islamic radicals in Egypt expressed their views: “They cite figures on the divorce rate in the United States. They point to crime and drug use. They talk about America’s preoccupation with sex. ‘You will never find these things where true Islam exists,’ argues Ziad Ali, 34. ‘Islam is the only answer, not Christianity, not Judaism, not Buddha. Without it, America is going to hell.’ He points to a young Muslim woman . . . who is fully clothed from head to toe and even wearing gloves. . . . . ‘That is how a woman must dress, not the way they dress in America, in Britain,’ Ali says. ‘In America, your women dress like harlots. They have no dignity. We want to change that here in Egypt so our harlots don’t go to hell.’” (Cited in my book Revolution.)

They see Islamic dress as preserving the dignity of their women; we see it as suffocating and oppressive. They see Sharia laws that call for the beheading of adulterers as safeguarding the honor of marriage; we see them as primitive and barbaric. (Is it any surprise that the media is now reporting that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was married and that his wife is an American convert to Islam who wears a black hijab?)

This is exactly why those who follow fundamental Islam are incompatible with our society, and it’s why we have to be extremely careful who we allow into our nation.

Rahami was a naturalized American. We took him in, gave him our freedom, shared our country, and provided him with opportunities, and look what he did as a result.

If someone like him, who otherwise had no issues with America, can turn on us and try to kill us, then it stands to reason that anyone sharing the same beliefs as him is capable of doing the same. “Extreme vetting,” as Trump put it, isn’t only smart, it’s going to be required if we ever want to put an end to the threat of terror on our soil.



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