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Reagan’s Son Announced Surprising Pick For President, GOP Est. Not Happy

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As the field of GOP presidential candidates narrows, Ronald Reagan’s son, Michael, has officially announced who he thinks would be the best choice for our nation, and who he believes would best continue his father’s legacy. You might be surprised to learn who it is.

Reagan currently runs a foundation that focuses on “Advancing the causes President Reagan held dear and memorializing the accomplishments of his presidency,” and in his eyes, there’s only one candidate that can accomplish his goal.

Ohio Governor John Kasich.

The Hill has more on Reagan’s endorsement:

Michael Reagan highlighted Kasich’s experience as a congressman and governor and cited him as a presidential hopeful that can perpetuate his father’s political legacy.

“You see many Republicans claiming the label of ‘Reagan conservative’ but not many whose leadership truly embodies my father’s principles and spirit. Gov. John Kasich is a noteworthy exception,” Reagan said in a statement.

“I’m confident that his record of success, his vision for America and his ability to bring people together is exactly what our country needs in the midst of division and uncertainty,” he added. “To continue my father’s great legacy, I’m proud to endorse John Kasich for President of the United States.”

Reagan later sent out a tweet about the governor, stating that he believes that Kasich is the only potential candidate that has the chance to beat the inevitable Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton.

With the GOPe focusing all of its efforts on Florida Senator Marco Rubio getting the nomination, it’s probably not going to sit too well with party elites to have the son of one of the greatest presidents in history supporting someone else. Although while Kasich is definitely a good man and the people of Ohio seem to like him, he’s still a political insider, which is likely going to cost him the nomination.



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