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BREAKING: Here’s The REAL Reason Hillary Went To Chelsea’s And NOT The Hospital

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On Sunday during the 9/11 memorial in New York City, Hillary Clinton suffered some sort of severe medical episode and was whisked away to her daughter’s apartment, and it’s since been revealed why she wasn’t take to the hospital.

With such an incident, proper protocol for the Secret Service is to take the candidate to the nearest state-designated Level I Trauma Center, which would have been Bellevue Hospital in Manhattan, so they could be thoroughly examined by qualified physicians. In addition, they’re supposed to wait for police escort to the hospital to ensure the security of the candidate.

But neither of these things happened, and people have been wondering why the Secret Service refused to follow protocol after seeing the terrifying video of Clinton convulsing.

Apparently a campaign insider wanted to get the real story out so they leaked information to the New York Post, and it’s exactly what we thought it was – Clinton was trying to hide whatever is ailing her from physicians who aren’t her own. That’s right, someone on Clinton’s team forced the Secret Service to break protocol and bring her to Chelsea’s apartment because they wanted to avoid having other medical personnel see her since they might leak details to the public.

But why the secrecy to begin with?

The Clinton camp at first said that Hillary “overheated” on the beautiful fall day that saw temperatures peak at around 80, but that was only after video was released of the incident. Initially, her campaign tried to hide the episode from everyone, including the press pool that’s supposed to be attached to each candidates campaign.

For 90 minutes after the episode happened, nobody knew where she was or what was going on, then we were told of the overheating scenario. Soon after, the story changed and Clinton’s campaign said that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, and now her campaign is claiming they didn’t think it was “that big of deal” that she was sick.

Clinton herself appeared on CNN last night to try to explain away what happened, and even host Anderson Cooper – normally a Hillary cheerleader – wasn’t buying what she was saying.

Since the incident, both Donald Trump and Clinton have promised to release more information about their health; however, the question still remains as to why Clinton was so secretive about the episode, which also begs the question of what else she’s hiding from the public. That’s not to mention, we still don’t have a reasonable explanation as to how she was able to go from convulsing at one point to being up, bubbly, and “feeling great” just 90 minutes later.

Most people with nothing to hide don’t go to such great lengths to hide it.  



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