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‘Refugee’ Molesters Attack Girls In Russian Club, Forgot One IMPORTANT Detail

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All across Europe the influx of refugees has brought about a massive uptick in sexual assaults against women, and while officials refuse to acknowledge the issue, residents are refusing to put up with it. In Russia, for example, a group of refugees rejected from Norway committed a mass sexual assault at a night club, and they soon learned that locals aren’t about to tolerate such behavior.

The Daily Caller is reporting that a group of migrants ordered to leave Norway due to “bad behavior” found themselves in Russia, where they went out clubbing and thought it was a good idea to grope and molest the women there. It turns out it wasn’t. What happened after is absolutely glorious, and it shows the Ruskies know exactly what to do about so-called “rapefugees” in their country.

You see, unlike their European counterparts, the Russians are a rough and tumble group who doesn’t tolerate poor behavior from people they allow into their country. So when a group of men learned that the refugees had taken indecent liberties with women in a Murmansk night club, they took them outside and pounded them into oblivion.

The incident inside the club was reportedly similar to what happened in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, only this time, they didn’t get away with it. The refugees did try to flee before anybody could catch them, but the group of Russian men, armed with their fists and Iron Man attitudes, took them out back and beat them so badly they had to be hospitalized.

‘Refugee’ Molesters Attack Girls In Russian Club, Forgot One IMPORTANT Detail

Locals said that police arrived at the scene shortly after the beating took place, and while they broke up the fight, the officers landed a few punches of their own on the refugees before arresting them. As for the burly dudes who taught the refugees a lesson, police decided to let them go without even as much as a warning, and would only confirm there was a “mass brawl involving refugees.” But get this – they didn’t even file a report about it. Shucks.

According to Top Right News, a local official told the media that once the “men” are released from the hospital, the Russian government will be sending them back to where they came from since they’re no longer welcome in the country.

What’s sad is that you know that if something like this were to happen here, the men who taught the refugees a lesson would have been arrested, and probably charged with a hate crime. Even worse is that not only would the refugees not be deported from America, but they would probably get an invite to the White House so Obama could show “solidarity” with them during such a “difficult” time.

But this incident just goes to show you the difference in cultures, and how the Russians don’t allow their society to be ruled by the politically correct nonsense that kneecaps Americans from protecting our own. With that said, did anybody ever think we would be looking to Russia, a decades old adversary, for such inspiration?

I didn’t.



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