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Classic! Harry Reid’s OWN Rule Change Comes Back To Bite Democrats BIG TIME

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It’s Dirty Harry Reid’s last term in the Senate as he retires after occupying his seat of over a decade, but the Democrats aren’t going to be forgetting about him anytime soon thanks to a rule change he forced through that came back to bite them in the ass…big time.

If you remember, back when Democrats barely had the majority in the Senate, they moved to create the “nuclear option” in order to get Barack Obama’s radical administration picks through the appointment process with a simple majority – 51 votes. At the time, Republicans and Democrats alike warned Reid that the rule change was a bad idea because Democrats wouldn’t be in power forever…he should have listened.

After this year’s election, Republicans maintained their majority in the Senate with 51 votes – just enough needed to ensure Democrats can’t block any of President-elect Donald Trump’s nominees no matter how much they whine and cry, and they love to whine and cry. Republicans could also pick up one more outstanding seat in Louisiana, putting them to a total of 51 seats to Democrats’ 48.

Regardless, the Democrats aren’t going to be blocking any of Trump’s nominees regardless of how hard they try.

According to BizPac Review, back when Reid pushed the rule change through, he was met with some strong opposition from members of his own party.

But incoming Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer said he wanted to keep the 60 vote threshold for cabinet and Supreme Court appointments but failed in his efforts to persuade his colleagues.

Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby warned Democrats at the time that their short term gain was going to bite them in the long run.

“Democrats won’t be in power in perpetuity. This is a mistake — a big one for the long run. Maybe not for the short run. Short-term gains, but I think it changes the Senate tremendously in a bad way,” he said at the time.

Harry Reid is like the gift that keeps on giving. His horrid comments about Trump had to help drive people to the polls, and now his own rule change made it easy for Trump to get his appointments through.

It’s just too bad those are the only two useful things Reid’s ever done.



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