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BUSTED: Remember Video Of Trump ‘Mocking’ Disabled Reporter? You NEED To See This

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The report of Donald Trump mocking a disabled reporter have been a dark cloud no his campaign for months as both establishment GOPO and the leftist media are using it to defame his character and claim he’s insensitive to the disabled, but new videos show something else entirely.

The media has been adamant that Trump mocked Serge Kovaleski, who writes for the New York Times, but as it turns out Trump mocks everyone in the same exact manner. If you were to believe the countless reports – even Hillary Clinton uses it as a line of attack – you’d think that Trump is some heartless, cruel jerk who’s insensitive to people’s disabilities, but the truth of the matter is that he wasn’t doing anything close to mocking Kovaleski’s disabilities.

In fact, what he was doing was mimicking someone who appeared to be flustered, and it just so happened that Kovaleski also has a disability. Why would he want to mimic Kovaleski flustered? Because Kovaleski had to backtrack on a prior report about 9/11, and Trump was calling him out on it.

Now for the video evidence. As Catholics4Trump pointed out on their website, the leftist media took a freeze-frame of Trump’s flailing arms at the exact moment he appeared to be holding his hands in a similar manner to Kovaleski.

Check it out:

BUSTED: Remember Video Of Trump ‘Mocking’ Disabled Reporter? You NEED To See This

Quite the damning picture, no? If it were true, it should be damning, but it’s not even remotely close to being true.

Several videos show Trump mocking both Ted Cruz and an Army general in the exact same manner, and we all know that neither suffer from any sort of disability. Yes, Trump may have been mocking Kovaleski in general, but he in no way was mocking Mr. Kovaleski’s unfortunate disability, which turns out to be a congenital condition called arthrogryposis.

The condition causes restricted movement in the joints but doesn’t cause uncontrollable movements and spasms like Cerebral Palsy, which is what the media would have us believe Kovaleski suffers from. Regardless, they’ve been perpetuating a lie and they know it, which is why none of them have actually shown any of the other videos as we’re about to do.

Here’s Trump mimicking a flustered Ted Cruz:

Does Ted Cruz have some sort of disability? No, he doesn’t.

Well, what about an Army general, would he have a disability? Check it out:

Same thing, right?

Now check out a compilation video put together by Angie Grover showing all three videos together:

So there you have it. Once again the media is perpetuating a lie, which is being parroted by Hillary Clinton, to defame Trump and his character. While we can all agree that Trump was indeed mocking Kovaleski, what he wasn’t doing was mocking his disability, and that much is certain from the three different videos.

Now, if you’re of the mindset that anybody who’s disabled is beyond any sort of mocking whatsoever, then of course Trump’s actions are going to be offensive to you. However, if you, like I, feel that simply having a disability doesn’t make you above reproach, then, as Gertrude Stein once famously said, there really is no there there, considering Trump wasn’t mocking the man’s disability, but rather his response to a line of questioning he found to be uncomfortable.

[H/T: Breitbart News]



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