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Rep. Lee Makes INFURIATING Claim About Gen. Kelly

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President Trump named former Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly as his new chief of staff, and a Democrat congresswoman seems to have a major issue with that.

Of course, Barbara Lee hails from California, so it comes as no surprise she’s using the extreme language the left has employed ever since President Trump won the election. However, when she chose to attack Gen. Kelly, she crossed a clear line, and Twitter let her have it.

According to Lee, Kelly, who devoted his life to service to this nation and earned the highest rank possible in the Marines, is an “extremist” who will “militarize” the White House.


“By putting Gen John Kelly in charge, Pres Trump is militarizing the White House & putting our executive branch in the hands of an extremist,” Lee tweeted.

On Friday, we learned that former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus resigned from his post, and on the same day the President tweeted that Kelly would be his replacement. The move came as President Trump shakes up the White House, pushing out the establishment types and replacing them with so-called “outsiders,” or people who aren’t career politicians.

Kelly has proudly served this nation his entire life, and the only “extreme” views he holds are that we should follow the law and abide by the Constitution, which is likely why Lee made the comments she did – Democrats seem to hate both of those concepts.

When people on Twitter saw Lee’s tweet, they immediately unloaded on her for her troubling remarks.

You get the idea. People weren’t happy.

In fact, eve Sean Spicer came to Kelly’s defense while admonishing Lee’s comments as “wrong” and “offensive on multiple levels.”

Indeed. Mrs. Lee would be wise to not attack esteemed public servants such as Kelly. Not only does it make her look mean and hateful, but it makes her look like a total fool.



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