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SHOCK REPORT Reveals WHO Seth Rich Was Partying With On Night Of His Murder

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It’s been over a year, yet we still know very little about the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, who was gunned down in cold-blood outside of his Washington, D.C. apartment.

However, a shocking new report sheds some light on the events that transpired leading up to Rich’s murder, and if true could blow the entire case wide open.

Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars is reporting that Trump confidante Roger Stone claims that Rich was partying with fellow DNC staffer Imran Awan in the hours prior to being killed.

“FACT – Wasserman-Schulz “IT consultant” Awan was partying with Seth Rich the night of his murder ! Eat it @TheAtlantic !” Stone tweeted.

Rich was murdered last year in an upscale Washington suburb on July 10, in what police are calling a botched robbery. However, his killer(s) didn’t take anything from him, which brings into question the official explanation of his death.

Adding to the mystery surrounding Rich’s death is that the family seems completely unwilling to explore any explanation outside of the one given by police. They’re represented by Brad Bauman, a crisis manager for the DNC, and he’s been lobbying hard to prevent people from asking any questions about the murder.

Despite repeated denials by Bauman, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange hinted that Rich was the source for the thousands of DNC emails the outlet published last year. Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom also claims that he spoke to Rich personally, who told him that he had supplied the emails that were allegedly hacked by The Russians!

As far as the connection to Awan is concerned, the Muslim IT tech had the email and passwords for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s iPad around the same time the emails were given to Wikileaks. Awan was arrested last week trying to flee the country, which came after the FBI seized numerous smashed hard drives from his former residence.

We also reported yesterday that Judge Andrew Napolitano claims that Awan was selling the information he was able to obtain from accessing Congressional computers. IT’s also alleged that Awan was working with and wiring money to the Muslim Brotherhood, an extremist organization that advocates Sharia law across the globe.



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