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Restaurant TIRED Of Thugs BANS Saggy Pants, Then Look What Happened

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A North Carolina restaurant became fed up with thugs disrupting their clients, so they took action and banned saggy pants, among other things, to cut back on the disturbances, and you have to see what happened after to believe it.

Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar is in Charlotte, and for three years owner Martin Tanaka has had a sign up banning typical hoodlum attire so he can maintain a pleasant experience for his diners. However, he recently enlarged the sign, and ever since, it’s been getting serious attention from people, reported WSOC-TV.

The sign outside reads:

“Take your hood down. Pull your pants up. Finish your phone conversation. Marijuana smell not allowed. We will be glad to assist you.”

Naturally, those who believe that only black people wear saggy pants and hoodies immediately accused Tanaka of being racist. However, he says it has absolutely nothing to do with race, and everything to do with keeping the riff-raff out of his establishment.

“Our regular customers are families, and we count on a lot of small children to come to this restaurant,” Tanaka said. “I believe our society is lacking on respect, and I think we’re falling behind on it.”

Tanaka’s restaurant is hibachi-style dining, which means that customers have to share tables with one another as their food is prepared in front of them. He imposed the ban because people weren’t being respectful of one another, which meant that some people weren’t enjoying their meals, which can cost well over $30 a plate.

In February, Tanaka had to add the line about marijuana after he received complaints from some of his customers. As he explained, most people don’t want confrontations in public, and he doesn’t want his staff to be put in those positions either.

“We have to turn them out because we don’t like that in our establishment,” he said.

You’re probably wondering how his business has fared ever since the alleged controversy over the sign, right? Well, despite certain people claiming such a ban is racist, Tanaka said business has been booming.

“It’s actually the best response we’ve ever had,” Tanaka. “More people think that more places should do it.”

Isn’t that something? The free market at work, and it’s absolutely a beautiful thing.

As a Charlotte resident, I’ve actually been to Kabuto numerous times over the years, and I can say with certainty, the food is absolutely outstanding. There was already good reason to go there, but given his politically incorrect rules and the fact he’s standing behind them, I believe that I’ll make it a point to go there a lot more often.



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