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Actor Rob Lowe Had PERFECT Movie Recommendation For Memorial Day, People Were NOT Happy

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Hollywood actor Rob Lowe hasn’t been too shy about his conservative views over the years, which is rare for someone from the highly progressive industry, and this year for Memorial Day he had the perfect movie for people to watch as they remembered our fallen heroes. However, his recommendation didn’t exactly sit too well with some people, and as you would imagine, he faced some backlash for it.

Naturally, if you’re going to celebrate Memorial Day by watching a movie then it should be a movie that’s relevant to the holiday, which is where Lowe’s suggestion comes from. He tweeted to his followers on Sunday night that the Michael Bay flick 13 Hours is the “perfect” film to watch as a “reminder of everything we should never forget.”

For those unaware, 13 Hours chronicles the terror attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that ended with four dead Americans, including two special operators in the area. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been widely criticized for both her role in the attack and her response in the days after.

Lowe said to watch the movie to be reminded of that which we shouldn’t ever forget, “Particularly in 2016,” which appeared to be a shot at Clinton, and predictable outrage followed.

Of course, not all of the feedback was negative. Lowe received replies from friendly followers as well as the original author of 13 Hours, Mitchell Zuckoff, who said he can’t “thank you enough” for bringing attention to the film.

After getting frustrated with the negative replies, Lowe sent out another tweet in which he slammed people for making “EVERYTHING” politicized these days.

With so few actual conservatives in Hollywood, it’s refreshing to see people like Lowe actually stand up for what’s right, especially since doing so can have quite the detrimental effect on people’s acting careers.



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