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JUST IN: RUDE Reporter Left STUNNED At Trump’s Reaction After Shouting Questions During Photo-Op

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President Trump held a surprise photo-op earlier on Monday, in which he invited White House reporters in to take a few pictures as he saw off the departing interns, and one snowflake reporter couldn’t resist breaking protocol by shouting questions at the President.

Reporters were brought into the East Room, where the President was awaiting with a group of interns, and allowed several minutes to grab some photos before being led back out. But during the brief interaction with President Trump, one female reporter decided the rules don’t apply to her and began shouting questions about Jeff Sessions and the Obamacare replacement, and she couldn’t have been too happy about his reaction.

The Independent Journal reported:

That was when Trump narrowed his eyes, stared the reporter down, and told her, in the same tone of voice he probably once used to tell his kids to stop jumping on the furniture, “Quiet.”

Then he complained to the interns:

“They’re not supposed to do that, but they’re doing it, but they’re not supposed to.”

Not supposed to do what? Ask questions? They’re reporters.

The president went on:

“So she’s breaking — you know, you know, she’s breaking a code, but they don’t care. They don’t care about breaking codes!”

Actually, it’s up to the President whether or not he takes questions, and White House reporters are supposed to respect his wishes, just like they did for Obama for eight years. But alas, the “resistance” reporters don’t think the rules apply to them, so they, in turn, refuse to obey them in hopes of going viral or creating a story for the press to attack the President over, and low and behild it worked this time around.

Since the incident, liberal websites have accused the President of being “condescending” and “sexist” because he had the audacity to demand that reporters follow the rules.

How does one reason with people who are so unreasonable?



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