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Salon is the notoriously leftist publication that espouses some of the most out there thoughts and ideas one could imagine, and after being at the forefront of the transgender issue, they went entirely too far with a disgusting video of a pedophile posted to Facebook, and you have to see what he’s doing to believe it.

Many people, including this reporter, have warned that the entire transgender argument is merely softening up society to become “tolerant” of other perversions, such has having numerous wives and pedophilia, and the folks at have just proven us right. The progressive publication posted a video to Facebook showing a pedophile getting his jollies off… while watching romanticized video of a 5-year-old girl.

No, seriously.

Check it out:

CONTENT WARNING: This video contains extremely disturbing content that is not suitable for all viewers

That’s Salon’s resident pervert pedophile, Todd Nickerson, who was previously given a platform to explain that his lust for children is merely an “alternative sexual orientation” and people need to be “understanding and supportive” of pedophiles like him. The piece came after he received harsh criticism for his sexual deviancy, and it was aptly titled, “I’m a Pedophile, you’re the monsters.”

Nickerson also tried to explain away the sickness of lusting over young children, and said that society should accept and “support” pedophiles who resist the urge to molest children.

But if you think that’s beyond reprehensible for both Nickerson and the publication supporting him, the video that was just posted is even worse. In it, he discusses falling in love with a little girl, who was only 5, who he babysat and thought was “advanced for her age.”

“A lot of my fantasies actually revolve around little girls who are in some way more powerful than I am,” said Nickerson as he watched video of a young girl dancing around in a pink dress. “Eventually my attraction became overwhelming to the point I had to go relieve myself in the bathroom.”

Yes, you read that right. This sick freak went and masturbated over a little girl he was sexually attracted to, and as if that’s not bad enough, Salon thinks it’s perfectly okay to demonstrate by playing sexualized footage of a little girl. That’s an entirely new level of depravity.

Nickerson tried to say there’s more pedophiles than society thinks are out there, and he’s met many of them online. He also claims that children actually like pedophiles and they want to be around them, and that the little girl he was babysitting, who’s only 5 mind you, “came onto” him at one point.

He’s also previously stated that he “WOULD engage in sex play with a child that I loved if she wanted it and initiated it.”

I will never deny that,” he added.

So here we go. Now that the transgendered fight is well underway, and almost won, here comes the pedophiles supported by the rabid left, who’s likely planning on turning this into another “civil rights” issue.

After all, if it’s “discriminatory” to prevent men from marrying men, women from marrying women, men from dressing as women, women from dressing as men, and people doing either from using bathrooms of the opposite sex, all because that’s “how they’re born” and they “can’t help it,” then in their minds, why wouldn’t it be discriminatory to prevent a pedophile from having sexual contact with a child, since it’s “how they’re born”?

If you don’t think that will happen, just remember; just two years ago you didn’t think the government would be forcing women to go to the bathroom with men, or girls to shower with boys in school either.

And here’s something else to think about; Salon posted that disgusting video to Facebook, where anybody and everybody to see it. Why do that if they’re not trying to normalize this perverted behavior?



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