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Sean Hannity Just Put The FEAR OF GOD In His Lying Accusers

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Conservative news host Sean Hannity isn’t happy about recent allegations of impropriety launched against him, and he just made it abundantly clear he’s not going to allow them to go unpunished.

After leftist hit woman Lisa Bloom, daughter of the notoriously horrible person Gloria Allred, claimed the scalp of Bill O’Reilly, the left set its sights on Hannity when another woman accused him of sexual harassment. However, Hannity isn’t going to take the slanderous accusations lying down, and in a series of tweets he let those making such accusations know that they had best be prepared to pay out the ass in legal fees.

Here’s what he said, via the Gateway Pundit:

One Twitter user also pointed out that what’s happening to him is the same thing that happened to O’Reilly, t5o which Hannity said:

Indeed. For years, the left has used false accusations to take down conservatives, who have done nothing to combat the lies being told about them.

However, all it would take is for a couple of these “victims” to be held accountable for their actions and the practice would stop. Thankfully, it appears as if Hannity will be doing exactly that, which will effectively disarm dishonest liberals desperate to diminish conservative influence in the media.

It’s about time…



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