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Sean Spicer BODYSLAMMED Leftist NBC Reporter During Press Conference: ‘You’re A Part Of…’

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White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer isn’t afraid of the liberal media, and it shows at every one of his press conferences.

For the past week, he’s come out gun blazing to set the record straight about fake news report after fake news report about the new administration, and today was no exception. When NBC correspondent Kristen Welker tried playing semantics with him over the travel moratorium, Spicer let her have it with both barrels.

Welker was more concerned over the verbiage being used to explain President Trump’s executive order than she was the actual goal of the order, so she pressed Spicer on the president’s use of the word “ban” when speaking of it. Spicer explained it wasn’t an actual ban, “it’s to make sure people who are coming in are vetted properly, a ban would mean people can’t get in,” he said.

But that wasn’t good enough for Welker.

“The president himself has called it a ban,” Welker asked. “Are you confused or is he confused?”

Spicer then let her have it.

“Those are the media’s words,” Spicer said. “No, I’m not confused. Those words are derived from the media. Your network was one of the ones that just hours ago said [Homeland Security Secretary] Kelly didn’t know what was going on. With all due respect, I think you have been part of the confusion.”

Welker tried covering for her network by claiming they were reporting based on a New York Times story claiming that General Kelly hadn’t received a “full briefing” about President Trump’s executive order, which was her second mistake.

“I’m sorry that NBC’s reporting is based on the New York Times’s inaccurate reporting,” Spicer responded. “The Secretary of Homeland Security just stood up and said he was briefed. You’re calling him a liar?”

As other reporters tried coming to Welker’s defense, such as self-proclaimed Democrat “hack” Glenn Thrush from Politico, Spicer repeatedly told them to “hang on” and to “be polite”

“I don’t believe the New York Times’s reporting is accurate,” he said.

But perhaps the best part of the press conference came at the end, when Spicer continued his embargo on the fake news outlet CNN, whose reporter was left shouting his question as Spicer left the room.



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