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Sheriffs See Beyoncé’s Anti-Cop Show, What They Did Next Shows EXACTLY How They Feel

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Whether or not she realizes she was going to, Beyoncé set off quite the firestorm with her controversial halftime show during the Super Bowl, and a lot of people aren’t happy about it. A group of sheriffs watched her anti-cop performance, and what they did after shows exactly how they feel about it all.

The National Sheriffs’ Association was holding a conference in Washington D.C. during Sunday night’s game, and they weren’t too happy at the fact that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell allowed such an openly racist and anti-law enforcement show take place at a sporting event that should unite the country rather than divide it. In fact, they were so upset at what they were seeing, they turned off the volume as she performed “Formation” and symbolically turned their backs to the television.


According to the Washington Examiner, the group’s president, Laramie County, Wyoming  Sheriff Danny Glick, said he was ecstatic that Peyton Manning and the Broncos went on to win, but called on the NFL to choose a less controversial show in the future. According to Breitbart, the video for “Formation” shows police harassing young black people, and has scenes depicting graffiti in New Orleans that says “stop shooting us.”

Now do you see why the sheriffs are upset? It’s hard to blame them, especially knowing that Beyoncé enjoyed fully armed police protection on her trip to the stadium, while she was inside, and when she left, so to openly bash cops in such a way is beyond hypocritical.

Then again, is anybody really surprised? I’m not. The only thing I wish is that she didn’t inject her divisive message into the Super Bowl, which is supposed to be politically neutral and unite us with a common interest rather than a stage to push political agendas.



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