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VIRAL VIDEO: Shooting Fridge FILLED With Tannerite Is A HORRIBLE Idea

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If you’ve ever played with Tannerite, you know it’s an extremely powerful binary explosive that can seriously injure or kill you, which was perfectly demonstrated in a now-viral video.

A group of men were out doing a little target practice with a refrigerator filled with the compound. All seemed well as one of the men stood behind a small tree and aligned his shot, but once he pulled the trigger his life flashed before his eyes…literally.

According to the Daily Mail, the fridge appeared to be about 50 yards away from the trigger man, but even that wasn’t far enough away to keep him safe. While the force of an explosion decreases drastically the further you get away from the center of it, the speed at which projectiles are flung does not, which these good old boys learned the hard way.

The man carefully aims as he readies to pull the trigger, and once he lets the round go all seems well at first. But then, almost before he could even react, the entire refrigerator door is sent flying toward him at blinding speeds, nearly taking down a smaller tree in front of him before whizzing past his head and going out of the picture.

The terrifying moment almost seems surreal as the door remains upright while it sails towards the man’s direction. Fortunately, nobody was injured, but just a couple of inches in a different direction and the man’s family would be planning a funeral for their decapitated loved one.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Video contains strong language that some may find offensive

Wasn’t that something? Luckily they ended up being okay, but the same can’t be said for someone else who pulled a similar stunt with a lawnmower.

Last year, a Georgia man filmed himself shooting a lawnmower that was filled with the binary compound, and things didn’t go exactly as planned. He wasn’t anywhere near being far enough away for the amount of Tannerite he was using, and when he send his round downrange he received a massive piece of shrapnel in return, which severed his leg from the calf down.

WARNING: Graphic content

While we normally only stick to politics, this video serves as a stern warning to anyone who may try to experiment with binary targets. Always practice every possible safety precaution, including using hearing and eye protection, as well as ensuring you’re a safe distance away from the target when it detonates.

Most manufacturers recommend a minimum of at least 100 yards distance for every pound of binary target being used, and the videos above are the reason for it; you may not feel the shockwave of the explosion, but you can be severely injured by whatever shrapnel is sent flying in the aftermath.

The shooting sports can be a wonderful hobby, but just as with anything else, if you’re irresponsible you will get hurt.

Happy shooting!



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