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SHOTS FIRED: Greta Van Susteren Called Cruz Out In MAJOR Way… Trump Fans GRINNING

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Fox News host Greta Van Susteren is pretty neutral when it comes to presidential politics, and she definitely doesn’t have an issue taking candidates to task if they slip up, which is exactly what happened on Thursday. She decided she had enough of Cruz’s antics surrounding the controversial campaign ad featuring Melania Trump naked, and she called him out in a major way.

Van Susteren took to her Twitter account to weigh in on the ongoing scandal, and she hit the nail on the head with what she had to say. She began by noting that while Cruz denies any involvement with the ad, he’s still reaping the rewards from it, and that’s not right, in her opinion.

Naturally, she received some pushback from Cruz’s supporters, so she decided to clarify her reasoning behind sending out the initial tweet.

For his part, Cruz has denied anything to do with the ad, and he also said that Melania Trump is “lovely” after the ad was run. However, he never did actually disavow it, and that’s where Van Susteren’s issue lies.

People were mixed with their reactions, but quite a few people agreed with Van Susteren.

You get the idea. The first thing Cruz should have done was disavow the ad, but he chose not to.

For what it’s worth, and far after the fact, Cruz did end up calling the ad “completely inappropriate,” but that was only after he was called out for not disavowing it from the start. In other words, if his hand wasn’t forced on the issue, he probably wouldn’t have said anything.

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