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SICK: Navy SEAL’s Widow Gets 2-MINUTE OVATION At Trump Speech, Look Who REFUSED To Even CLAP

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President Donald Trump honored the widow of a fallen Navy SEAL during his first joint address to Congress last night, which received a record standing ovation, but two people in particular refused to even clap, let alone stand for our fallen hero’s mourning bride.

Democrats have undoubtedly become the party of division ever since Barack Obama took office in 2008, which is why they lost in 2016. However, there’s politics and then there’s humanity, and it appears as if the line between the two is becoming increasingly blurred for our counterparts on the left.

As the entire nation watched a the sobbing widow of Ryan Owens looked to the heavens and told her deceased partner she loved him, the rest of the nation shed tears alongside of her and shared the immense pain she’s felt since losing her husband. It was a touching moment, and one that the entire country should have been able to unify around, but when you’re two of the most polarizing figures in the Democrat Party your politics come before your heart and soul.

The audience gave Owens’ widow a two-minute-long standing ovation, but former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and failed DNC chair candidate Keith Ellison absolutely refused to participate in the extended ovation. In fact, they didn’t so much as offer her a single clap to show their appreciation for the grave sacrifice she and her family made for our nation.

No, seriously. The Independent Journal has more:

It was by far the most special moment of the night — one that transcended the constant screech of partisan politics.

However, there were two people who reportedly didn’t stand during the biggest standing ovation of the night: Former Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.).

Independent Journal Review’s Benny Johnson said he watched as the pair stayed “firmly seated” during the second standing ovation — the big one. Ellison and Schultz stood for the initial standing ovation introducing Owens.

SICK: Navy SEAL’s Widow Gets 2-MINUTE OVATION At Trump Speech, Look Who REFUSED To Even CLAP

Sickening, right?

To be fair, they did clap for her initial honoring, but refused to so much as clap for the extended applause she received.

There’s no question whether or not the Democrats had any intentions on supporting President Trump – they didn’t – however, this ovation wasn’t for the president, his supporters, or his policies; it was the grieving widow of a fallen hero.

Sorry, but refusing to stand for that is lower than low. Unfortunately, that’s what we’ve come to expect from today’s Democrat Party, who’s perfected going low when the rest of the nation goes high, like the petulant children they are.



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