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SICK: Young Boy Meets Trump At White House, Then Liberals do Something AWFUL To Him

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Yesterday, a group of school kids went to tour the White house after President Trump reopened it to the public, but one little boy got more than he bargained for after posing for a photo with the president.

Anyone with a heart watching the moment was touched by the excitement the boy expressed as he was able to meet the sitting president, but liberals have no hearts apparently. When President Trump and the 10-year-old boy posed for picture, the boy flashed the “OK” sign to his friends standing out of the shot… now the left is accusing him of being racist.

Actually, the hysteria over the boy’s innocuous hand gesture got so bad that it cause Mediaite to write an entire story about it.

For those unaware, a similar gesture was attributed to “Pepe the Frog,” which was a popular meme used by the far-right when trolling Hillary Clinton and her supporters during the campaign. Liberals became so afraid of the Pepe meme that Hillary Clinton actually went on national television to condemn it while the Anti-Defamation League branded it as some sort of hate symbol.

Regardless, to see a popular hand gesture being used by a little boy then brand him racist over it is an entirely new low. Then again, many on the left seem to be competing over who can go lower faster, so it’s really not surprising any longer.



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