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BUSTED Trying To Hide It! Single Email Released From Wikileaks Hits Hillary HARD

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Wikileaks has been dropping nuke after powerful nuke on Hillary Clinton’s campaign over the last week, and each document dump is turning out to be more devastating than the last.

Over the summer, we learned that Barack Obama told America a bald-faced lie when he said that he didn’t know about then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server. A report surfaced showing that he in fact did know about it, and he used a pseudonym to communicate with her, which alone shows that he knew he was doing something wrong.

However, the story doesn’t end there, come to find out. It looks like Team Hillary tried to shield Obama from potential fallout the day after her emails were subpoenaed by Congress.

To most of us, that would be a cover up. But hey, Trump says mean things so that’s definitely more important than this, right?

Check it out:

So now we have to ask Hillary supporters, does this matter to you? Does it matter that the corruption in government under your precious party runs all of the way to the top?

Richard Nixon was forced to resign over far less than what we’re discovering about Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party she and Bill molded into what we see today. Yet here she is, not only running for president but still enjoying support form around half of the nation.

How do you people sleep at night knowing you’re backing the worst corruption ever seen in our government?



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