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SKELETONS IN THE CLOSET: Guccifer 2.0 Makes BOMBSHELL Revelation About Murdered DNC Staffer

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The family of murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich has been trying to raise some $200,000 in donations to fund a private investigation into their son’s death, and old text messages from the hacker Guccifer 2.0 will be a great starting point for whoever looks into it.

It’s been months since Rich’s name has been mentioned in the news, even longer since he was suspiciously killed in the early morning hours in Washington, D.C., and his family is growing increasingly impatient as they await answers from law enforcement about his untimely death. The young staffer’s killing made waves in conservative circles last summer, at the height of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, as many suspected that he may have been the source for the numerous leaks that damaged both the DNC and Clinton herself.

Police said Rich died during an attempted robbery, but strangely nothing was missing from his body that suggested someone was trying to rob him. The absence of answers has only fueled speculation while leaving a distraught family clueless as to why their loved one met his fate far too young in life.

Even Sheriff David Clark took to social media to question whether or not Rich was the victim of a political assassination.

However, Rich’s family may have finally caught a break. Earlier this morning, Wikileaks posted a link to a series of text messages between the hacker, Guccifer 2.0, and actress Robbin Young from August of last year, and in them is a bombshell revelation – Guccifer claims that Rich was the source of information from the DNC.

If true, this information sheds an entirely new light on the cold case of Rich’s murder. If it turns out that he was Guccifer’s source, then someone, or multiple somebodys, at the DNC are going to have quite a bit of explaining to do.

Then again, with the lack of enthusiasm from police in looking into Rich’s death, it’s not too likely they’ll be reaching out to Guccifer any time soon to ask him questions since they haven’t seemed too interested in finding out Rich’s murderer.



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