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WOW: Small Town Just Stopped Target’s Bathroom Policy DEAD In Tracks, Look What They Did

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Unless you live in a cave without Internet access, you’ve heard about the controversy surrounding retail giant Target’s policy allowing men merely claiming to be women to use the restroom of their choice, even if they’re not dressed like a woman. Well things are about to get quite heated after a small Alabama town put an end to the madness once and for all.

As we previously reported, the pushback against Target has been massive, and almost a million people have signed onto a petition to boycott the store for good after it decided to put the feelings of a very small segment of the population over the safety of millions. In addition to the boycott, another movement urging people to shop at Target’s fierce competitor, Walmart, has gained serious traction after Faith Driven Consumer, a group representing roughly 41 million shoppers, pushed its members to #BUYcottWalmart to show their anger at Target.

Just as we get upset when Christian bakers are forced to bake a cake for a gay wedding, it’s not up to us to force Target to change its policy. However, consumers wield incredible power with their wallets, and as Target feels the financial losses from their reckless decision, it may just do an about face and change its policy.

But while the outcry from consumers has been massive, now the company is starting to see pushback on the local level from an Alabama town, which passed a resolution effectively outlawing Target’s new policy.

The Anniston Star has more:

The City Council on Tuesday made it illegal for anyone to use a public bathroom that doesn’t align with the gender they were born with.

The new law, approved unanimously by the council’s members, restricts a person’s use of public bathrooms and changing rooms to the facilities designated for use by those of the gender listed on his or her birth certificate. The law applies within both the city’s limits and police jurisdiction.

After members approved the new city ordinance, Council President Steven Waits read from a prepared statement.

Waits said he and the council sought the law “not out of concerns for the 0.3 percent of the population who identify as transgender,” but “to protect our women and children.”

Of course, this move will likely gain national attention and unhinged leftists will accuse the town of bigotry, homophobia, etc. etc. etc. etc., but the move really is rooted in common sense. After all, if Target is going to allow absolutely anyone to use whatever bathroom they choose by only stating they “feel” like the corresponding sex, then it makes perfect sense that a town would take action to protect vulnerable women and children in the one place where the expectation of privacy is unrivaled – the bathroom.

Sadly, what seems to be lost in this entire debacle is that it’s truly a fabricated crisis that’s only intended to divide us further, considering that prior to the Democrat mayor in Charlotte, North Carolina wading into these murky waters, there wasn’t even an issue to contend with. After all, those truly living like the opposite sex have been using the bathroom of their choice for years with nobody noticing, which means that had nothing been done to “fix” the manufactured “problem,” nobody would have said a word otherwise.

This all started as a political move in N.C., where Democrats trying to turn the state blue created wedge issues coming into November, and it’s erupted into a national discussion that overshadows much more important issues, like national security, trade, and the fact that a felon is running for the highest office in the land. Meanwhile, perverted predators are now empowered to make bold moves in women’s bathrooms knowing that they’re protected under new societal “norms” – norms that many are afraid to challenge for fear of intense backlash from the social justice crowd.

So good job, Democrats. You’ve again managed to drive a wedge straight through the heart of America by creating a problem where there wasn’t one, then turning around and alienating everyone who isn’t siding with you, only so you can retain what little power you still have.

No wonder our nation is so screwed up.



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