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BREAKING: After Smearing Julian Assange As A ‘Pedophile,’ CNN Gets Some BAD News

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CNN isn’t to be taken seriously by anybody after the 2016 election exposed the network as nothing more than a propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

The cable news channel had a counter-terrorism expert on to discuss alleged Russian involvement in the election as well as the role Julian Assange played. According to the Gateway Pundit, the analyst accused Assange of dodging an important question before smearing him as a “pedophile” that’s “hiding” from prosecution, and apparently Assange isn’t too happy about it.

More from the Pundit:

The former  CIA counter-terrorism analyst Phil Mudd was doing a segment on CNN about Assange’s recent interview with Fox News.

Mudd said that the Fox News interview “skirted the bottom line [of] do you know if the Russian’s were involved?… not ‘where did you get the information’.”

He later went on to label Assange as a “pedophile who lives in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.”

Lovely, eh? To date, no charges have been formally filed against Assange in regards to any of the allegations against him, but that’s not stopping the fake news network CNN from pushing the false story.

However, Assange and Wikileaks aren’t about to take such smear lying down. In an early Tuesday tweet, Wikileaks revealed its plan for revenge:

Boom! I hope they go through with it too, since it’s long overdue these lying leftists be taken to task for their mass deception of the public at-large.



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