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home News, Politcs BREAKING: SMOKING GUN Email Implicates ENTIRE Democrat Party In Benghazi Cover-up, It’s CRIMINAL

BREAKING: SMOKING GUN Email Implicates ENTIRE Democrat Party In Benghazi Cover-up, It’s CRIMINAL

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The hacker Guccifer 2.0 was apparently able to get into Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s computer, and he found the smoking gun we’ve all been looking for that implicates the entire Democrat Party in the Benghazi cover-up scandal.

If you remember, the Democrats, led by Susan Rice, made the rounds in the weeks following the attack telling the nation that it was a spontaneous reaction to an Internet video. That narrative has since been debunked, and not a single person has been held accountable for it, but a newly released document shows that everyone within the party knew that they were intentionally spreading lies.

The Gateway Pundit reported that the internal party memo admitted that Ambassador Susan Rice lied about the attacks in the days after 9/11/2012, just a couple months before the upcoming election. The shocking memo also included the bombshell that State reduced security at the annex and it was “a move that was approved at a ‘high level.’”

Check out the actual document, via Jim Hoft’s Scribd account:

Framework One Pager Benghazi by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Isn’t that something? These people knew they were lying to the American people yet they didn’t care.

In fact, not only did they show no regard for the truth, they created talking points that were lies in order to cover up for the lies they had already told. This isn’t only criminal, but it’s blatant propaganda distributed by the Democrats so that they all had the same talking points to make their story more believable.

Everyone should be outraged by this, and it should end Hillary Clinton’s campaign, if we were to have an honest media. After all, she claims she didn’t lie to the families of the victims, yet a document from her own party shows they were all in lock-step on their talking points – the same talking points Hillary used for the families of those who died.

Of course, nothing will be done and the Democrats will once again not be held accountable for their blatant lies and deceit. The only chance we actually have at stopping this garbage is to vote for Trump in November, and we had best pray there’s enough of us upset to actually get him into office.

Otherwise what we’ve seen is going to be child’s play compared to what’s to come.



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