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ALERT: If You’re On Social Security, READ THIS… Obama’s Coming For YOUR Guns

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In the seemingly endless war on our Second Amendment rights, the Obama administration announced a major change that will directly affect the gun rights of Social Security recipients, and it has people wondering what happened to Due Process.

The Social Security Administration is set to adopt a rule change where it would report people who receive disability benefits due to mental health issues to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), The Hill reported. The proposal, which amounts to nothing more than an end-around on Congress, stems from a 2013 memorandum signed by Obama in 2013 as a part of his War on Gun Owners and would do nothing to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals.

But hey, it feels good, right?

A similar move made by the Veteran’s Administration ended in disaster after vets were reported to the FBI for things as trivial as hiring a fiduciary to manage their finances. Now the SSA is planning to take similar action against people who receive disability insurance due to mental disorders – a broad term if there ever was one.

The Hill has more on the proposal:

According to Grassley, 99 percent of the people the FBI prohibits from owning guns because they are considered “mentally defective” come from the VA.

Now, the SSA is proposing to take similar precautions with people who receive disability insurance because they are unable to work due to mental health disorders.

“It appears that just like the VA, SSA’s regulatory action will not require the government to first prove that the individual is a danger to self or others,” Grassley wrote last July in a letter to Carolyn Colvin, acting commissioner of the Social Security Administration.

“Is the SSA using the VA’s regulatory standard as a template for reporting names to the [FBI]?” he asked. “If not, in what ways is the SSA’s regulatory scheme different from the VA’s?”

Currently, the VA screens for mental conditions such as schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, personality disorders, intellectual disabilities, anxiety-related disorders, substance addiction disorders and autistic disorders. As of now, it’s unclear which of the disorders that the SSA would take action on.

But the issue here isn’t that mentally ill people should have easy access to firearms – nobody wants them to hurt themselves or someone else – it’s the complete disdain for the Constitution by denying people their God-given rights without Due Process. Plus, let’s think about this for a minute, “mental illness” is a dangerous term to use to justify such subversion of the Bill of Rights, considering its meaning changes with the culture.

Just ten years ago, homosexuality and gender dysphoria were both considered mental illnesses that required intense therapy and treatment. But today, they’re both considered “normal” in the mental health world.

Why the drastic shift? Activism. Why does this matter? Because if activists can get mental health professionals to re-categorize mental illnesses like that, how long do you think it will be before they can get, say, a political ideology labeled as a mental illness? Or better yet, how often have we heard that “climate deniers” are mentally ill?

Don’t think it could happen? Have you seen the totalitarian fascists in colleges these days? Yeah, they’re the ones who are going to be making those decisions in the future. If that’s not terrifying, then I’m not entirely sure what is.

That’s why we need to fight what the SSA is doing – we must preserve all of our rights at any cost, for one day it could come back and bite us in the ass… big time.

One final thought; let’s use the same argument the left is using against them – if you’re too mentally ill to own a firearm and the government deems it necessary to strip you of your rights without Due Process, then you’re too mentally ill to cast a vote with a sound mind, and thus you must have that right taken away.

What’s air is fair, right? Now, who do you think that would disproportionately affect? Certainly not conservatives…



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