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Dear Liberals, I have The Solution To Your “Fake News” Problem

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Hillary Clinton yesterday called for the government to step in and deal with the alleged issue with so-called “fake news.” However, it’s not up to the government to decide what is and what isn’t “real” or newsworthy, and it’s actually quite scary to think that someone who was nearly elected president is now out there calling for infringement on our right to free speech – the cornerstone of our republic and so important to the founding of this nation that its creators put it at the top of our list of God-given rights.

But I digress.

Here’s the thing; This entire “fake news” fiasco is the result of people seeking the truth because they lost faith in the media after repeatedly catching it lying on important issues, and it became worse when we learned that numerous (over 40) members of the MSM were actively colluding with the Clinton campaign to affect the outcome of the election. The MSM is no longer made up of credible journalists, but instead far-left ideologues who put their beliefs ahead of their integrity, and have no problem misleading the public if doing so is a means to their ends. So once people realized they weren’t getting fair reporting from sources that were supposed to be trusted, they sought out other sources in hopes of learning the whole story rather than the spoon fed B.S. coming from the hacks in national media.

Simply put, you can’t force people into the darkness then act surprised when they seek out the light.

With the rise of the Internet has come an era where information is readily available, yet those in the media still believed they’d be able to deceive the public at-large and decide the outcome of the election themselves, much like they did in 2008 and 2012. Now that they realize they’ve rendered themselves irrelevant and lost all trust from the public, they’re crying foul and demanding censorship of those that exposed them for the frauds they are, instead of thinking about what they did to drive the public away and destroy all faith in the fourth estate.

The thing is, you can censor people all you want and it won’t make the slightest bit of difference if the public doesn’t trust allegedly “reliable” news sources. People aren’t going to magically start relying on the media after years of deceitful reporting just because alternative sources were arbitrarily thrown on some list and either silenced or suppressed.

So no, the answer isn’t silencing voices or doing anything to restrict free speech, it’s purging the MSM of leftist activists so it can get back to actual objective reporting rather than pushing the far-left agenda that was just repudiated en-masse by America. Until you do that, you can expect the MSM’s ratings to keep dropping and so-called “fake news” outlets to continue to grow as more and more people reject the lying rejects in the media.



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