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Hillary Caught In Un-Patriotic Display During Debate

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Last night millions of Americans tuned in to watch the first of three presidential debates, and people noticed something very telling about Hillary Clinton’s attire.

As the two candidates took the stage, there was a distinct difference in their attire, with Trump wearing a dark-colored suit and blue tie while Hillary wore a communist-red pantsuit, but it’s what wasn’t on her jacket that got people talking. Almost immediately, viewers spotted Trump proudly displaying our nation’s colors with an American Flag lapel pin, but Hillary had nothing of the sort anywhere on her clothing.

Check it out:

Interesting, right? One thing to remember is that every last detail of her appearance was planned. Every…last..detail, which means that she intentionally left the flag off of her jacket.

The question now is why?

Well, one could assume that with the recent controversy surrounding the flag, our National Anthem, and perceived oppression from a minority group of minority activists, she figured that it would be less politically damaging to leave the pin out of her attire. In other words, she did it to pander to an extremist sect of the Democrat base that hates our nation and its flag because they believe both are racist.

Regardless of the reason she left it off, she seems to have forgotten that she is running to be President of the United States, and last I checked, that flag is our national symbol. So refusing to wear it isn’t only un-presidential, it’s un-patriotic, both of which can be added to a very, very long list of why she’s unqualified to hold the office of president.

[H/T YoungCons]



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